Working Tax Credit

If you already claim working tax credit you don’t need to make any changes to your claim unless your circumstances change, if your making a new claim for working tax credit you will receive what is called the working tax credit element of universal credit.

From February 2019 any new claims will be submitted under the universal credit benefit system, payments are made to claimants every four weeks not weekly like the old system.

Your award amounts may vary dependent on your circumstances and whether you live with a partner who is currently working.

You can use the official gov calculator here to find out how much you may be entitled to Tax Credits Calculator

working tax credit

Find out the maximum allowances below, these figures may vary dependent on your circumstances.

Working Tax Credit (Element)Award Amount (Yearly)Award Amount (Monthly)
Basic Award£1,960 (Year)£163.33 (Monthly)
Couples Award£2,010 (Year)£167.50 (Monthly)
Single Parent£2,010 (Year)£167.50 (Monthly)
Working (30 Hour Week)£810 (Year)£67.50 (Monthly)
DisabilityUp To £3,165 (Year)£263.75 (Monthly)
Severe DisabilityUp To £1,365 (Year)
Additional To Disability Element
£113.75 (Monthly)
ChildcareMaximum £175 Per Week (One Child)Maximum £300 Per Week (two or more child)