Students and Universal Credits

Students can claim universal credit but depending on what type of education your studying will affect your eligibility and claim amount awarded.

Universal Credit student conditions

  • You are 21 Years old (or younger) and are in full time education (With no parental support)
  • You’re responsible for a child or children
  • You live with a partner who is eligible for universal credit.
  • You are disabled and receive one or more of these benefits
  • Personal independence – Disability living allowance – Attendance allowance

Universal Credit and Part Time Study

You may still be eligible for universal credit but you may also need to be available for work, you would also need to meet one of the other conditions in full time education requirements.

You work coach may need to see proof that your course is part time before your claim can be processed.

Student Income and Universal Credit

Student loans that are awarded for living expenses e.g. Rent, bills and maintenance will be deducted from your universal credit’s ward amount as an income, any student loans that cover tuition fee’s will be excluded from your award amount.

Any special support loan or support grants are not taken into consideration when working out your universal credit award.

  • Doctorial University Loans

Master’s or doctoral loans are paid in three separate payments through a twelve-month period, universal credit calculates living and maintenance cost’s by diving the 12-month award and deducts 30% as living or maintenance costs.

For example, your loan is £12,000 for university tuition and maintenance cost’s, 30% would £3,600 this would be calculated as an income when working out your universal credit claim for that qualifying period.