Reasons You Could Face A Sanction On Your Claim

When you claim universal credit you will need to sign a claimant commitment, meaning you will be required to follow your agreed commitment or you could face a sanction on your benefit.

Your commitments are created by you and your job center work coach on your first interview, they will be different depending on what benefit you claim and for how long.

Sanction Rates

If you have a single claim and you face a sanction you could be penalized of up to 100% of you claim, if your claiming as a couple and only one you of are sanctioned your benefit will be reduced by up to 50% of your award amount.

Low Level Sanction: If you have agreed to any of the following and fail to deliver on your commitments you could face a sanction or exclusion from universal credit.

  • You fail to attend an interview
  • You fail to comply with your work search requirement

Fixed periods.

  • 7 days for first penalty (You must comply with your requirement within 7 days)
  • 14 days for second penalty (You must comply with your requirement within 14 days)
  • 28 days for third penalty (You must comply with your requirement within 28 days)

High level Sanction: A high level sanction will be issued in extreme circumstances and will follow the conditions stated below.

  • You fail or refuse to do mandatory work activity
  • You fail to accept paid work
  • You fail to apply for paid work
  • You leave your current employment voluntarily
  • You lose your job through misconduct

Fixed periods for high level sanction.

  • 1st failure 13 weeks
  • 2nd failure 26 weeks
  • 3rd failure 3 Years

How To Appeal A Sanction

If you have been sanctioned on your universal credit award and believe this is wrong you will need to contact the relevant department as soon as possible.

You sanction may be lifted if you have a valid reason for not following your claimant commitments, you may need to provide proof before the penalty can be removed from your account.

When your logged into your account, you will be able to see mandatory reconsideration. This is where you will appeal any decision that has been made on your account, if your not sure use the contact us tab for more information on how to appeal a sanction.