What is PIP, and can I claim it?


PIP stands for personal independence payment, and it’s there to help you financially if you meet specific criteria and qualify for it.

It can be a great help for those living with disabilities or mental health conditions

You may qualify for PIP even if you receive other benefits. Your savings and employment status do not affect your ability to claim PIP.

Am I eligible for PIP?

You could be eligible to claim PIP if you have been diagnosed or are currently being treated for a mental illness. However, if you have yet to been diagnosed, you can still apply.

Each claim is treated as a personal circumstance, so you may still be eligible without current treatment.

Important note: Claims for PIP are only considered if you expect your circumstances to continue for at least nine months after you submit your claim.

Claiming PIP if you are terminally ill?

If you are terminally ill and have been diagnosed by a medical professional or a doctor, you’ll automatically be eligible for PIP.

Terminally ill claims are treated as a priority, and your claim is processed more quickly.

What are the PIP rates 2023?

Depending on your eligibility, there are two PIP elements, which are calculated in standard and enhanced elements. Here are the rates for PIP:

Daily living allowance

Standard Rate: £68.10 per week

Enhanced Rate: £101.75 per week

Mobility allowance

Standard Rate: £26.90 per week

Enhanced Rate: £71.00 per week

How often are you paid PIP?

PIP is paid every four weeks; your payment date usually reflects when you made your initial claim. If your payment date falls on a bank holiday or weekend, you usually paid before that date.