Universal Credit Journal

The universal credit journal will be your go to page when you want to get updates regarding your universal credit claim. It’s important to check regularly if any updates have been added to your journal.

Your work coach or job center representative will update your journal and add any necessary appointments that will be required to attend, Your work coach will be able to contact you directly, and you will have the ability to respond.

Universal credit Journal Guide

If you don’t currently have a claim with universal credit then you will need to navigate to https://www.universal-credit.service.gov.uk/postcode-checker to see if universal credit has been established in your area.

If you are already in receipt of universal credit or have recently made a new claim continue below for an in depth guide on how to use and navigate your journal.

Open your account by following this link > Universal Credit Login

You will be met with the following page, Please note! This page may look different on your account however the navigation and fundamentals will be the same. Personal details have been changed on these images to protect the users identity.

Universal Credit Journal Guide

Now you have logged into your universal credit account, you will have a menu with three options Home > to-do list > Journal.

If you click Journal you will be redirected to the page below with all your relevant information.

Universal Credit Journal

You can use your journal to:

  • Add details about your work search
  • Leave messages for universal credit
  • View your universal account history

At the bottom of the journal page you will be able to see a list of entries and updates regarding your claim, these entries will date back to the first day your claim was made. You can also see who added a message by the term “added by”, this will usually be either “an agent” or “your name”.

Making An Entry

If you want to add an entry to your journal click the green button that says “Add journal entry”.

Select a relevant topic on what your entry is about, you can add a not just for yourself or contact a work coach directly with an update on your job search.


You can now use the text box to add an entry, once you click save your entry will be sent directly to the relevant department. You may need to check your journal to see if you have had a response to your query or issue.

Still need help? You can contact us or use our community to ask questions.