Vending Mobile Operator

Type: Permanent

Date Posted: 45007

Closing Date: 45037

Location: Livingston, West Lothian

Salary: £19,890 per year

Vending Mobile Operator

JOB TITLE – Mobile Vending operator

Main Duties- the following are some, though not an exclusive list, of the duties you will be expected to carry out:

Company Vehicle Provided.

Replenish & clean Vending Machines.

· Daily ensure that you wear a clean and tidy uniform with protective footwear.

· Ensure you leave home with machine keys and ensure company vehicle is totally roadworthy

· Travel to warehouse for stock if required or your 1st site as per your route planner

· At warehouse stock/load vehicle with a complete range of products required for the days route ensuring manual handling is being adhered to and note stock accurately on the Stock sheet.

· Ensure you have the necessary cleaning materials and coin mech float change

· If fuel is required ensure you fill up at appropriate garages using fuel card

· Travel to your 1st call as per your route planner and sign into site adhering to specific site rules

· On visiting your machines note the stock required and return to the vehicle to gather the said stock and return to fill machine.

· Please ensure that stock is rotated properly with the longest shelf date at the back and the shortest date being at the front.

· If any items are short dated i.e. 2 weeks or less of a shelf life inform the office and they will advise you where the stock can be moved to.

· Take machine reading if required as per your route planner together with any cash and bag and cable tie securely on site.

· Carry out the necessary cleaning of the internal part of the machine with the correct cleaning materials and clean the outside of the machine with glass cleaner where applicable.

· Check coin mech and ensure sufficient change is available top up if required.

· Close doors and lock machine pulling door to ensure it is closed properly

· Once finished on site dispose of any waste in the appropriate manner and store cash in a safe place in the vehicle.

· Continue to your next call as per your route planner and repeat the process.

· Ensure there is no alteration to the schedule on your route planner and should for any reason there be any proposed changes call the office for approval.

· Return to unit with cash and tidy your vehicle ensuring all cardboard is flattened and tape removed and stored in a neatly manner.

· Always inform the office of any issues with machines or any comments made by customers that may reflect the services we provide

· Inform the office of any specific customer requests

· Ensure weekly the vehicle is cleaned internally and also washed at our approved garage and ensure tyres and levels are checked

· Inform office of any vehicle issues and call the office 3-4 weeks prior to vehicle service due date to ensure sufficient service intervals are adhered to.

The above is not an exhaustive list and in addition to the above duties, you may be required to perform other duties as/when the needs of our business change.

We reserve the right to amend the above duties as deemed necessary for the needs of the business.

The duties described in this job description must be carried out in a manner which promotes equality of opportunity; dignity and due respect for all employees and clients or customers is consistent with the Company’s Equal Opportunities Policy.