Changes To Child Tax Credit And Allowances

Child tax credit is changing from 2013, you may already be claiming universal credit tax credits or you may still be on the old system.

If you have had no correspondence about the change you do not need to do anything yet, you will be notified either by phone or post if you need to amend your claim. After recent updates the amounts you get may change reference the table below.

Under the new child tax credit element you will be able to claim up until your child reaches the age of 16 years old, your claim will continue until the 31st August after there 16th birthday.

Your award amount will be subject to your circumstances any may not reflect the amounts shown below, The amounts displayed are the maximum entitlement for any given application under the universal credit element.

Child Tax Credit What You’ll Get

Child Tax CreditAward Amount (Yearly)
Family Element (Basic Amount)£545
Child Element (Per Child)£2,780
Disability Child Element£3,355 (In Addition To Child Element)
Severely Disabled Element£1,360 (Additional award)

The amounts represented in the table are current from the year 2019/2020 tax year, if you are already claiming from previous years your award amounts may be different.

You may only claim child tax credit for children you are responsible for.

  • Your child or children live with you full time
  • You are the main carer for the child/children
  • You pay for meals
  • The child/children is financially dependent on you.
child tax credit

If you share custody of your child or children with your partner and you unsure who is eligible to apply for child tax credit you can both make the application on the DWP will decide who will be awarded.

You care for a child with a disability or a severe disability you may be eligible for a higher allowance of tax credit, subject to circumstances you may need to provide medical evidence. Awarded amounts may vary and will be reviewed by a case manager.

You can speak to one of our representatives for further advice our use our community forums