Changes to Universal Credit From April 2020

The universal credit benefit freeze will be coming to an end from April 2020, For people claiming UC they will see a rise in there benefits by up to 1.7%. All legacy benefits will be affected from the beginning of April, you can see how your payments may be affected in the tables below.

Universal credit changes in April 2020
Affected BenefitsCurrent AllowanceNew Allowance (April 2020)
Standard Allowance (Single)£317.82£323.22
Standard Allowance (Couple)£498.89£507.37
Child Element£231.67£235.83
Work Allowance (Higher)£503£512
Work Allowance (Lower)£287£292

Other Benefits Affected From April 2020

Affected BenefitsCurrent EntitlementNew Entitlement (April 2020)
Attendance Allowance (Lower)£58.70£59.70
Attendance Allowance (Higher)£87.65£89.15
Carer's Allowance£66.15£67.25
Personal Independence Payment (PIP)£148.85£151.40
Maternity / Paternity / Shared Parental pay£148.68£151.20
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit£179£182
Statutory Sick Pay£94.25£95.85

Legacy Benefits That Will Increase From April

Legacy BenefitCurrent AllowanceNew Allowance (April 2020)
Jobseekers' Allowance£73.10£74.35
Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)£73.10£74.35
ESA support group component£38.55£39.20
Housing Benefit£73.10£74.35
Widowed Parents Allowance£119.90£121.95
Disability Living Allowance (care component)£87.65£89.15
Disability Living Allowance (mobility component)£61.20£62.25
Long-term Incapacity Benefit£112.25£114.15
Income Support£73.10£74.35

State Pension Rates That Will Increase From April 2020

Affected PensionCurrent RateNew Rate (April 2020)
New State Pension (full rate)£168.60£175.20
Old State Pension (category A or B)£129.20£134.25
Pension Credit standard minimum guarantee (single)£167.25£173.75
Pension Credit standard minimum guarantee (couple)£255.20£263.20

Some benefits will not be affected by the April increase.

BenefitsCurrent Allowance (No Change)
Bereavement Support (standard rate)£2,500 lump sum, £100 a month for 18 months
Bereavement Support (Higher rate)£3,500 lump sum, £350 a month for 18 months
Benefit cap£20k a year, £23k in London
Universal Credit childcare costs allowance£646.35 per month