Claiming Carers Allowance On Universal Credit

If you are eligible for Universal Credit, you could also get an additional amount for any caring responsibilities you have.

For example, if you care for a disabled person or a child, for more than 35 hours per week. To find out more about how much you could get and how to apply, visit the GOV.UK website.

Carers allowance

How Much Is The Carers Allowance On Universal Credit?

The carers element on universal Credit is £185.86 per month.
The amount you can get for carers allowance will depend on your circumstances.

What Benefits Can You Claim If You Are A Carer?

You can claim Universal Credit, Carer’s Allowance, or Attendance Allowance if you are a carer. The person you are caring for must receive DLA or LCW for you to be able to claim.

You must spend at least 35 hours per week in a caring role.

Can I Work and Still Claim Carers Allowance?

Yes, you can work and still claim carers allowance, but you must contribute at least 35 hours per week towards your caring role.

How To Apply For Carers Element Of Universal Credit

To apply for the additional element, visit the gov website here:

You can download the claims forms here:

Claim form notes:

How much Universal Credit will I get if I get carer's allowance?

If you get the carers allowance on Universal Credit you will get an extra £185.86 per month.

Can I claim Universal Credit if I am a full time carer?

Yes, if you are a full time carer, you may be entitled to additional support from Universal Credit.

What is the carers element of Universal Credit?

If you spend more than 35 hours per week caring for someone who receives a disability benefit, you may be entitled to claim the carers element of Universal Credit.