How To Apply For An Advance Payment

If you have made a recent claim for universal credit, you will see the option of advance payment on your online portal, and you will need to be logged into your account.

You will need to follow the instructions online and complete a small application.

Alternatively, you can speak to your work coach who can make the application for you. They will ask you for specific details listed below before they can process an application for an advance payment.

  • Why do you need the advance
  • Proof of identity (Passport) (Driving Licence)
  • Bank details or credit union account

If you start work before your advance is paid back in full, DWP will deduct any amount owed from your remaining benefits or your salary from your new employer. 

You can discuss re-payment options with your work coach or by calling the helpline.

Although your advance payment is considered a loan, you will not be charged interest. If you do not repay your loan for any reason, recovery methods may mean you will be charged on top of your borrowing amount.

Universal Credit Advance Payment

You may apply for up to 100% of your award amount. For example, if you are awarded £1200 (Per Month), you can claim a £1200 advance payment.

Advance payments can help if you are in financial hardship and need to catch up with your bills. Universal credit is paid in arrears, so an advance can bring you back in front.

Universal Credit AwardAdvance Payment AmountMonthly DeductionsYour Payment's Each Month
£1,200£1,200 (100%)£100 (Per Month)£1,100 (Per Month)
£900£450 (50%)£37.50 (Per Month)£862.50 (Per Month)
£1,800£1,800 (100%)£150 (Per Month)£1,650 (Per Month)

advance payment

How To Apply For An Advance?

You can find more information on your universal credit advance on the website.