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Tax credit reform fears for struggling farmers – 5th September 2011
The Universal Credit: What Will it Mean for Me? – 3rd September 2011
The welfare reform bill is the biggest benefits shake-up in 60 years – 1st September 2011
Childcare costs “pricing parents out of work” – 31st August 2011
Credit where it’s due: Universal Credit, social landlords and direct payments – 26th August 2011
Iain Duncan Smith accused of breaking promise in battle against drugs and gangs – 25th August 2011
10 Get £2M  of  benefits  in bungle – 23rd August 2011
Fewer New Jobs Going To ‘UK Born Workers’ – 18th August 2011
Help stop government changes to welfare penalising disabled children – 15th August 2011
Britain looks to Howard to improve welfare of lost youth – 15th August 2011
Charities seek 100,000 signatures – 12th August 2011
We need to show people will be rewarded for work 11th August 2011
Out of the shadows 11th August 2011
Disability charities use e-petition to campaign against government welfare cuts – 9th August 2011
Think-tank proposes student loan-style scheme to fund childcare – 9th August 2011
Women forced out of jobs by rising cost of childcare – 7th August 2011
Universal credit: fair for whom? – 6th August 2011
E-petition launched against cuts to disabled children’s welfare support – 4th August 2011
We need three big reforms to get Britain growing – 4th August 2011
How Pickles’s brutal council tax benefit reforms will pulverise the working-age poor – 4th August 2011
Hazardous housing – 3rd August 2011
Tackling welfare reform – 2nd August 2011
Missing link – 28th July 2011
UK takes up Howard’s welfare plan – 27th July 2011
DWP and HMRC set to jointly develop a data analytics hub for fraud prevention – 25th July 2011
Poor data management causes DWP errors – 21st July 2011
Benefit fraud costs soaring: – 20th July 2011
Government delays welfare reform bill – 18th July 2011
Councils get direction on Universal Credit plans – 15th July 2011
National Housing Federation voices Welfare Reform Bill concerns to peers –  13th July 2011
Cheats warned of benefit fraud blitz – 11th July 2011
HM Revenue and Customs needs to improve PAYE data – 8th July 2011
New homes warning fired over direct benefit payments to tenants – 6th July 2011
Family income too low to live off with Universal Credit – 5th July 2011
Government urged to remove barriers to work for parents of disabled children – 4th July 2011
Current welfare system ‘completely broken’ claims IDS – 1st July 2011
DWP adds agile development into IT contracts for £2bn Universal Credit system – 1st July 2011
Will welfare reforms affect the housing sector’s financial stability? – 29th June 2011
MPs grill DWP over “train crash” reforms – 28th june 2011
Lord Freud: The future of housing benefit under Universal Credit – 27th June 2011
Money on the move – 24th June 2011
Lord Freud: ‘facility to pay landlords directly’ to be retained in Universal Credit – 23rd June 2011
Ministers to stick with direct payments – 23rd June 2011
Single parents pay the price of benefit reform – 22nd June 2011
A rocky road to universal credits – 21st June 2011
Universal credit’s 2013 delivery could be derailed by complex IT system – 19th June 2011
Parents of disabled children could lose £1,400 in welfare shakeup – 18th June 2011
Charity calls for halt to vague Welfare Bill – 17th June 2011
£26,000 benefit cap clears the Commons – 16th June 2011
Charity calls for welfare bill delay – 16th June 2011
Londoners to be worse off under Government welfare shake-up, warns report – 15th June 2011
Ministers to consider paying housing benefit direct to landlords – 14th June 2011
Analysis: Hidden dangers of the coalition’s welfare reforms – 14th June 2011
Women lose out under Universal Credit proposals – 13th June 2011
Reforms ‘will leave thousands of families worse off’ – 13th June 2011
The poorest deserve a change from our broken benefits system – 11th June 2011
Children’s Society urges rethink of potentially ‘damaging’ welfare reforms – 9th June 2011
Iain Duncan Smith fights many battles to lop £20bn from the welfare bill – 9th June 2011
Universal credit could push disabled families into crisis – 1st June 2011
Universal credit: How does the proposed new welfare system work? – 3rd June 2011
Scandal of homes without a worker – 3rd June 2011
Using IT to fight benefit fraud – 1st June 2011
Housing benefit paid direct to tenants ‘our primary concern’ – Santander – 30th May 2011
Bizarre benefits fraud excuses revealed by the government – 29th May 2011
DWP prepares alternative to identity cards for Universal Credit – 27th May 2011
Puzzle over councils’ role in delivery of Universal Credit – 27th May 2011
“Parent lose” on new universal credit, says study – 25th May 2011
Benefit reforms spell ‘hammer blow’ to middle earners, says think tank – 24th May 2011
Childcare Costs Would Be A Roadblock To “Making Work Pay” Says Think Tank – 24th May 2011
Universal credit will deter single parents from full-time work – 23rd May 2011
Understanding how the cost of childcare is affecting low income families – 21st May 2011
Leading lights – 20th May 2011
No rights without responsibility – 20th May 2011
Government offers choice of one-stop ID – 19th May 2011
Capsize warning – 19th May 2011
George Osborne launches new research centre in London’s “Tech City” – 17th May 2011
Welfare Groups Ask for Review over Universal Credit – 13th May 2011
Report tries to allay direct payment fears – 13th May 2011
Universal Credit possible if politicians don’t interfere, says IT chief – 12th May 2011
IDS  think-tank criticises coalition on family polices – 10th May 2011
Household Hold-up. Universal Complexity – 5th May 2011
Universal credit, universal change – 4th May 2011
Govt highlights fit-to-work benefit scroungers – 28th April 2011
Government slashes benefits for disabled children – 13th April 2011
Tax credit cuts will hit poorer families, says charity – 8th April 2011
Welfare pledge to cut child poverty by 350,000 – 5th April 2011
Real Time Information trial to begin April 2012 – 4th April 2011
105 Questions about the Universal Credit – 4th April 2011
Too much too soon for blundering HMRC’s new tax system – 31st March 2011
Latest tech in benefit fraud “clamp down” – 31st March 2011
Biggest shake-up in the benefits system – 30th March 2011
Interview: Frank Field – 29th March 2011
We must all take responsibility – 28th March 2011
Harley: universal credit IT “of to great start” – 24th March 2011
Government CIO hits back at critics of key DWP and HMRC projects – 23rd March  2011
Direct payments would harm credit ratings – 22th March 2011
To the Point – A credit for everyone – 21st March 2011
DWP under fire for discriminatory cap – 16th  March 2011
Benefits cap “to hit ethnic groups” – 15th March 2011
Benefits reform Bill clears hurdle – 10th March 2011
Welfare Reform Bill  fear for cancer patients – 9th March 2011
UK families “have worst tax burdens” – 7th March 2011
Can Coalition defend the “astonishing attack on savers” in its welfare reform bill? – 5th March 2011
Universal Credit: welfare system to stay, new interfaces on Agile principles – 4th March 2011
Really making work pay? – 1st March 2011
Welfare reform bill “could change the way employers recruit” – 28th February 2011
Welfare shake-up – 25th february 2011
The way ahead – 25th February 2011
Welfare reform bill means checking worker documents is more important than ever – 25th February 2011
Welfare plan needs pause for thought – 23rd February 2011
Reforming  welfare: a mixed bag – 22nd February 2011
Families set to lose 30 per cent on childcare subsidies – 22nd  February 2011
Universal Credit: “protection” secured… but on what terms? – 21st February 2011
The weirdness at the core of Universal Credit – 19th February 2011
Welfare Reform Bill aims to improve staff retention – 18th February 2011
Britian  begins an overhaul of welfare – 18th February 2011
“What’s in the Welfare reform Bill? – 17th February 2011
Nick Clegg blocks housing benefit cut for jobless – 17th February 2011
MP hits out over welfare  reforms – 17th February 2011
“Universal Credit for housing could lead to real crisis” warns  housing chief – 15th February 2011
“Radical reform to put paid to the benefits trap – 14th February 2011
“No  split view”  among carer groups – 12th February 2011
BBC News: Universal Credit benefit details “imminent” – 9th February 2011
Benefits to go direct to  tenant – 4th February 2011
Joe Harley to tackle Universal Credit IT – 1st February 2011


Benefit reforms could halt all payments – 27 th January 2011
Public Service Universal Credit “will have mixed impact” – 12th January 2011
Gingerbread “Single  parents lose out” – 16th  January 2011
Daily Mail “The squeezed middle hit yet again” – 13th January 2011
Public Service article “Universal Credit will have mixed impact” – 12th January 2011
The Institute for fiscal studies full report on Universal Credit – 12th January 2011
BBC News “Universal Credit Welfare Switch to hit 1.4 million homes” – 12th January 2011  “Universal welfare credit will hit single parents” – 12th January 2011
Accounting web article on Universal Credit – 12th November 2010

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