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Opinion: Universal credit eligibility guide for families makes a mockery of IDS claims – 28th November 2014
Universal Credit backup plan “non-existent”, warns watchdog – 27th November 2014
Universal Credit: Watchdog warns of cost of further delays – 26th November 2014
Universal Credit is not providing value for money despite IDS’ claims – 26th November 2014
Universal Credit to get major expansion as Iain Duncan Smith slams ‘spendthrift’ Labour – 25th November 2014
Universal Credit: New benefit rolled out to families – 25th November 2014
Synod: Members tell stories of plight under ‘bedroom-tax’ rules – 21st November 2014
Panic rooms should be exempt from bedroom tax, court will hear – 20th November 2014
Food banks say welfare reform is fuelling demand – 19th November 2014
Coalition must spend £25 billion more than planned on benefits, Labour says – 18th November 2014
Universal Credit project costs reach £36,222 per claimant (excluding the claim) – 17th November 2014
Number of tenants evicted hits record levels as benefit cuts bite – 14th November 2014
Figures reveal slow take up of universal credit – 14th November 2014
DWP could pay 20% of universal credit directly to landlords in arrears cases – 14th November 2014
Iain Duncan Smith to meet Universal Credit target in 700 years time – 13th November 2014
Iain Duncan Smith’s Universal Credit system thrown into doubt by Government findings – 12th November 2014
Bedroom tax leaves hundreds of Liverpool’s HA homes empty – 11th November 2014
Part-Time Workers Face Benefit Sanctions Under Universal Credit – 10th November 2014
Welfare shake-up not working for Scots – Sturgeon – 10th November 2014
Alarm bells ringing over new Universal Credit system – 3rd November 2014


Debts spiral for welfare reform-affected tenants – 31st October 2014
Welfare reform concessions not enough to protect vulnerable – 30th October 2014
Leaked universal credit memo shows jobcentre staff struggling with rollout – 28th October 2014
Authorities to be sounded out on readiness for universal credit rollout – 24th October 2014
Universal credit rolled out by 2018, Iain Duncan Smith says – 23rd October 2014
Advisors probe Universal Credit changes – 21st October 2014
Freud faces no confidence motion – 20th October 2014
Sector backs government’s universal credit alert plan – 17th October 2014
PM ordered Lord Freud to apologise for remarks on disabled people’s pay – 16th October 2014
Disabled people in Wales are being left behind in the digital world, warns Disability Wales – 15th October 2014
IDS confirms Universal Credit rollout plan – 15th October 2014
Sturgeon attacks UK welfare reforms – 14th October 2014
MP hits out at ‘neutrality’ of civil service on universal credit – 13th October 2014
Benefit rule ‘worse than poor law’ – 10th October 2014
Welfare reform: fixing broken Britain, or an abuse of human rights? – 9th October 2014
Universal Credit rolled out to 50th North West job centre – 9th October 2014
Universal credit’s flaws exposed by tenants as system forces some to pay day lenders – 8th October 2014
Opinion: Universal Credit – maximising the ‘housing costs’ element – 7th October 2014
Universal Credit – News of national and more localised rollout – 6th October 2014
Landlords advised to get up to speed on Universal Credit – 3rd October 2014
Universal credit delay call rejected – 3rd October 2014
Call for universal credit delay in Scotland – 2nd October 2014
Benefit cut could force social landlords to turn tenants away – 2nd October 2014
Universal Credit to get seventh chief in two years – 1st October 2014



Duncan Smith outlines plans for prepaid benefits cards in place of cash – 30th September 2014
IDS announces universal credit acceleration – 30th September 2014
David Cameron unveils welfare changes in drive to end youth unemployment – 29th September 2014
Why the self-employed need to wake up to the threat posed by Universal Credit – 26th September 2014
Controversial benefits shake-up rolled out to more areas of Greater Manchester – 24th September 2014
Universal credit benefit set to be rolled out across Burnley – 23rd September 2014
Labour committee outlines Universal Credit “rescue” strategy – 22nd September 2014
Labour in power could abandon universal credit – 19th September 2014
More than 11,000 households now on universal credit – 18th September 2014
Welfare changes will strip the Valleys of millions of pounds and put jobs at risk, a new report warns – 17th September 2014
Iain Duncan Smith’s department rakes in nearly £120,000 from helpline phone calls – 16th September 2014
Bedroom tax bill would ‘create more administration for social landlords’ – 12th September 2014
Has Universal Credit been undermined already? – 11th September 2014
Iain Duncan Smith’s Universal Credit Faces ‘Mini Jobs’ Warning from Thinktank – 10th September 2014
Scots council seals off rooms to beat bedroom tax – 10th September 2014
Lib Dems expand criticisms of coalition welfare policies – 8th September 2014
Nick Clegg faces activist revolt over ending bedroom tax – 5th September 2014
Universal credit help scheme trialled – 5th September 2014
Iain Duncan Smith insists Universal Credit sign-off due ‘very shortly’ – 3rd September 2014


DWP’s new universal credit ‘safeguards’ include paying the rent itself – 27th August 2014
Call for clarity on latest universal credit phase – 22nd August 2014
Benefit cash delays causing misery – 21st August 2014
Spending watchdog accuses DWP of hiding universal credit’s failings – 19th August 2014
Welfare reform: will Iain Duncan Smith’s benefits revolution happen? – 17th August 2014
Universal credit claimants on the move – 15th August 2014
Universal Credit rollout could take over 1,000 years – 14th August 2014
New tenant rules for universal credit – 14th August 2014
Bedroom Tax Stress Led Stephanie Bottrill To Suicide On M6, Inquest Hears – 13th August 2014
Report finds welfare reform has impact on children – 12th August 2014
Iain Duncan Smith to signal more reform of ‘dysfunctional’ welfare system – 11th August 2014
Police boss blames welfare reforms for 35% increase in shoplifting claiming cuts victims are ‘stealing to survive’ – 8th August 2014
Rachel Reeves’ speech on ‘The Choice on Social Security’ in full – 7th August 2014
Landmark bedroom tax ruling issued – 6th August 2014
Fresh concerns about universal credit in East Lancashire – 4th August 2014
DWP plotting ‘secret’ universal credit plans – Labour MP – 1st August 2014
Nick Clegg accused of hypocrisy after U-turn on bedroom tax – 17th July 2014
Newly Unemployed To Be Forced To Wait FIVE Weeks For Benefits Under Universal Credit – 16th July 2014
‘Bedroom tax’ arrears revealed – 16th July 2014
Lord Freud announces 11 new universal credit trials in speech to LGA conference – 11th July 2014
Treasury backing for Universal Credit scrutinised – 10th July 2014
Welfare reform ‘takes toll on poor’, Citizens Advice Cymru claims – 8th July 2014
Treasury has not signed off on Duncan Smith’s universal credit, MPs told – 8th July 2014
MPs to debate Committee’s report on Universal Credit – 4th July 2014
Five jobcentres start offering Universal Credit to couples – 3rd July 2014
Outrage as study reveals 1 million Scots have been plunged into poverty and Tory minister hails figures as TRIUMPH – 2nd July 2014
Labour loses motion on ‘DWP chaos’ – 2nd July 2014
Commons fight sees IDS trade accusations of dishonesty with Rachel Reeves – 1st July 2014



IDS loses legal appeal to keep universal credit problems secret -27th June 2014
NAO confirms plan to review Universal Credit again this year – 27th June 2014
Universal credit cost jumps amid free school meals ‘fiasco’ – 26th June 2014
Tories ‘should amend bedroom tax’ says founder of Conservative blog – 25th June 2014
Labour pledges to ‘pause’ universal credit if elected in 2015 – 23rd June 2014
Government considering new rules for universal credit – 20th June 2014
Universal Credit policy to expand to 90 jobcentres – 20th June 2014
Call for country-wide universal credit rollout – 19th June 2014
Cuts may undermine work incentives in universal credit – 18th June 2014
Homeless ‘are hit by bedroom tax policy’ – 17th June 2014
Universal Credit statistics: Apr 2013 to 31 March 2014 – 13th June 2014
Top tribunals judge questions universal credit ‘disappearance’ – 12th June 2014
Districts call for greater welfare role – 11th June 2014
The 3 S’s of Universal Credit – 10th June 2014
Hopes fading for millions of children in poverty trap – 9th June 2014
Back to square one for universal credit – 5th June 2014
Welfare reforms ‘impacting on children’ – 4th June 2014
Iain Duncan Smith: a reputation beyond accountability? – 4th June 2014
DWP refuses to disclose universal credit alternative payment figures – 4th June 2014
UK government ‘in denial’ over food bank use, says Holyrood committee – 2nd June 2014



Government agrees specialist housing team for universal credit – 30th May 2014
Opinion: The harsh reality of the bedroom tax – 29th May 2014
Government claims digital success with Universal Credit – 29th May 2014
The real cost-of-living-crisis: Five million British children ‘sentenced to life of poverty thanks to welfare reforms’ – 28th May 2014
Inside Whitehall: Iain Duncan Smith has failed on Universal Credit. He must be replaced – 28th May 2014
Number in council tax arrears has rocketed, says Citizens Advice – 26th May 2014
Four ways to help tenants appeal against bedroom tax – 23rd May 2014
Iain Duncan Smith continues to hide reports showing failure of universal credit – 22nd May 2014
MPs call for full mitigation of bedroom tax ‘without delay’ – 21st May 2014
Benefit reforms: One year on, universal credit is not working – 19th May 2014
1,600 crisis fund claims by disabled people rejected – 16th May 2014
Nearly 6,000 people on universal credit – 15th May 2014
Universal Credit fraud fears raised by MPs – 15th May 2014
Fears welfare reforms creating ‘deficit of dignity’ among disabled – 13th May 2014
Threat of tenant evictions at highest level in more than 10 years – 9th May 2014
Assembly Members call for abolition of the ‘bedroom tax’ in one-year anniversary vote – 8th May 2014
So-called “bedroom tax” to be fully mitigated in Scotland – 8th May 2014
AMs to vote today on new call to scrap the ‘bedroom tax’ – 7th May 2014
Benefits risk to jobseekers refusing zero-hours contracts – 6th May 2014
Liberty launch legal challenge on controversial bedroom tax – 2nd May 2014
Judge refuses DWP leave to appeal ruling on Universal Credit reports – 1st May 2014
Full universal credit to be rolled out across whole of North West – 1st May 2014


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