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Universal Credit Handed Over To Iain Duncan Smith’s Successor With 65 “Live Risks” – 31st March 2016
Charity urges people in hardship to find support as latest welfare changes begin – 30th March 2016
Stephen Crabb urged to overhaul ‘salami-sliced’ universal credit system – 29th March 2016
How many children will Universal Credit lift out of poverty? – 24th March 2016
Waiting for Universal Credit nearly ruined our lives says mum who struggled to feed her sick baby – 23rd March 2016
Government U-turn on cuts to welfare budget welcomed by charities – 22nd March 2016
Iain Duncan Smith’s Universal Credit: A timeline – 22nd March 2016
The Iain Duncan Smith legacy? Universal credit will not transform welfare – 21st March 2016
Petition calls for free phone line to DWP for benefits claimants – 18th March 2016
Judge orders Universal Credit internal reviews must be disclosed – 17th March 2016
How can George Osborne tackle child poverty when he has to cut £4 billion? – 15th March 2016
Universal Credit cuts will leave millions of families worse off, experts warn -14th March 2016
MullenLowe London lands Universal Credit brief – 10th March 2016
Coalition of 60 national disability charities condemn Tory cuts to ESA – 9th March 2016
Easy way to avoid DWP’s 45p-a-minute Universal Credit hotline accused of being a ‘well-kept secret – 9th March 2016
Scots face ‘benefits tangle’ over devolved welfare and Universal Credit – 8th March 2016
Compromised and under pressure: social housing in the wake of universal credit – 2nd March 2016
Tory Benefit Cuts Will Leave 2.6 Million Children In Poverty, Institute for Fiscal Studies Forecasts – 2nd March 2016




BT accused of ‘shameless profiteering’ over universal credit helpline – 29th February 2016
Fears for children after welfare Bill amendments fall – 26th February 2016
More than 300,000 North East children in families hit by benefits freeze – 24th February 2016
Updated Guidance Issued on Universal Credit – 23rd February 2016
DWP spends just £250k plugging Universal Credit – despite blowing £8.5m on fluffy monster – 22nd February 2016
Tory cuts leave millions in poverty as campaigners warn work is failing to pay – 15th February 2016
Waiting for Universal Credit is unbelievably terrifying – here’s why – 9th February 2016
Universal Credit: will a full flowering ever see the light of day? – 8th February 2016
Digital revamp could mean Universal Credit not fully operational until 2021 – 5th February 2016
Universal Credit ‘will leave millions of families worse off’ – 5th February 2016
Universal credit: who will win and lose from the new system? – 4th February 2016
Universal Credit ‘in tatters’ as reports slam delays and costs – 4th February 2016
DWP being evasive over universal credit delays, MPs claim – 3rd February 2016
Universal Credit leaves working families worse off, IFS says – 3rd February 2016
Major benefits shake-up set to affect tens of thousands – 2nd February 2016


Iain Duncan Smith defeated over plans to cut disabled benefits by £30 a week – 29th January 2016
Single parents face £1,000 ‘love tax’ if they remarry or find new partner – 27th January 2016
Universal Credit spreads to more Jobcentres: 5 things you need to know about the new benefit – 27th January 2016
Changeover to universal credit is driving people into long-term debt – 27th January 2016
Universal Credit: The IT project that will outlive us all – 26th January 2016
Gov must hire ‘thousands’ of techies to rescue failing projects – 22nd January 2016
Herald View: Universal Credit failing to make work pay – 20th January 2016
Even if Universal Credit is eventually implemented, most will now lose out – 19th January 2016
Universal Credit won’t improve work incentives, says Frank Field – 18th January 2016
Hounslow MPs call on the chancellor to reverse universal credit cuts – 15th January 2016
New parents could lose hundreds of pounds a year in tax credits after birth of first child – 13th January 2016
Universal Credit digital service tests expanded ahead of UK rollout – 12th January 2016
Gateshead MP brands Universal Credit benefit changes ‘an attack on the working poor’ – 8th January 2016
Iain Gateshead MP brands Universal Credit benefit changes ‘an attack on the working poor’Duncan Smith is ‘arrogant, smug’ and ‘the worst human’ says Labour MP Jess Phillips – 7th January 2016
Tories latest welfare attack set to be torpedoed by House of Lords – 6th January 2016
How George Osborne learned to relax and start loving Universal Credit – 5th January 2016
No government U-turn likely on buy to let onslaught, says landlords’ chief – 5th January 2016
UK set for worst wage growth since the 1920s, Labour research finds – 4th January 2016
Universal Credit ‘not the solution’ to benefit delivery problems – 22nd December 2015
Make up for benefit cuts by working 200 more hours, government says – 22nd December 2015
Benefit delays leaving families hungry, MPs say – 21st December 2015
Iain Duncan Smith’s Universal Credit scheme is throwing 90 per cent of social tenants into rent arrears – 18th December 2015
Benefit cuts under universal credit could be illegal, says Labour – 17th December 2015
Sanctioned … for not looking for work while waiting to start your new job – 16th December 2015
Iain Duncan Smith’s Universal Credit postcode lottery will make some families £3,000 worse off than others – 16th December 2015
Guide to Help Social Landlords Reduce Rent Arrears is Launched – 15th December 2015
Thousands of benefit staff face the axe as Tories ramp up plans to cut cash with Universal Credit – 15th December 2015
Welfare system reforms in Scotland must be ‘based on dignity and respect’ – 14th December 2015
Inquiry Launched Into Universal Credit ‘In Work Conditionality’ – 11th December 2015
Job losses feared as Universal Credit roll-out set for May – 11th December 2015
One in three people on benefits ‘can’t get by on money they receive’ – 10th December 2015
Workless households at lowest levels, says IDS – 9th December 2015
Universal credit claimants more likely to get jobs, government research finds – 9th December 2015
Universal Credit set to cost working single mums with two children £3,000 a year, new research claims – 8th December 2015
Iain Duncan Smith blasted for claiming ‘nobody loses a penny’ under Universal Credit changes – 7th December 2015
Household bills targeted by chancellor as Labour raises fears over benefit cuts – 30th November 2015
Universal Credit Put To Flame By Osborne – 27th November 2015
Spending Review: Welfare cuts rely on troubled Universal Credit – 27th November 2015
So, Osborne scrapped tax credit cuts – but what of universal credit? – 26th November 2015
Universal Credit benefit reforms shelved for six months – 24th November 2015
Spending Review: Osborne under pressure on tax credits – 23rd November 2015
Housing benefit cuts could see claimants £500 a year worse off – research – 19th November 2015
Flaws in universal credit system leaving vulnerable people penniless, says study – 18th November 2015
Universal Credit: Changes to benefits pay rolled out in the Black Country – 17th November 2015
George Osborne abandons cuts to Universal Credit after IDS quit threat – 16th November 2015
‘Something has to give’ – will it be George Osborne? – 12th November 2015
Fresh blow for George Osborne over planned tax credit cuts changes – 11th November 2015
Iain Duncan Smith must guarantee that Universal Credit will not be cut – 11th November 2015
Universal Credit set to be introduced in Milton Keynes – 10th November 2015
Ian Duncan Smith reportedly on brink of resignation over welfare cuts – 9th November 2015
Labour hits out at Osborne’s planned cuts to universal credit – 9th November 2015
Labour attempts to build support to block universal credit cuts – 4th November 2015
Universal Credit now available in 470 jobcentres – 2nd November 2015
Holyrood has got promised powers in full, says Scottish secretary – 2nd November 2015
Tax credit changes: Who will be the winners and losers? – 20th October 2015
Comment: Universal Credit is a minefield of nasty surprises – 20th October 2015
Iain Duncan Smith’s flagship Universal Credit roll-out is actually slowing – 15th October 2015
DWP moves to end bedroom tax dodge – 13th October 2015
Universal Credit creates school meals data problem – 13th October 2015
Universal Credit in 15 more jobcentres in Sussex, Scotland, Kent and the East Midlands – 12th October 2015
PAC chair issues stark inequality warning over Universal Credit – 9th October 2015
Welfare changes will make people more responsible, says IDS – 7th October 2015
UK must devolve full control over universal credit – 7th October 2015
New benefit system will create more hardship charities warn – 6th October 2015
Universal Credit in 13 more jobcentres in Scotland, the Midlands and London – 5th October 2015
Desperate family loses free school meals and survives on credit cards due to Universal Credit switch – 1st October 2015
120,000 Northern Ireland homes set to lose £900 a year in tax credit cuts – 30th September 2015
Universal Credit digital tests to be expanded to third trial area – 29th September 2015
Next phase of Universal Credit rollout begins – 22nd September 2015
MPs approve £4.4bn of tax credit cuts as Jeremy Corbyn says Tories are ‘poverty deniers’ and we will fight them – 16th September 2015
MPs examine fraud and error in benefits and tax credits – 15th September 2015
New Holyrood powers ‘likely to face legal challenge’ – 11th September 2015
What is Universal Credit costing? – 10th Sptember 2015
Early plans for Universal Credit show DWP expected to complete project in two years – 10th September 2015
HMRC received 11,500 tweets in 12 months by callers complaining about long waits – 9th September 2015
Labour defaults to Universal Credit attack at welfare questions – 8th September 2015
Universal Credit waiting days go live – 4th September 2015
Cuts threaten flagship homelessness programme – 3rd September 2015
Scotland to spend £100m in the next year to ‘mitigate harm’ caused by Conservative welfare cuts – 2nd September 2015

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