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Battle over welfare cap set to resume in House of Lords – 14th February 2012
Iain Duncan Smith; Fairness for the taxpayer – and the claimant – 13th February 2012
Britian’s  top of benefits league – 10th February 2012
Benefit cap: a divide-and-rule tactic – 8th February 2012
Minister calls on landlords to boost credit unions ahead of likely Post Office
– 6th February 2012
“Universal Credit” to be first service “digital by default” – 3rd February 2012
Fresh defeat for government over welfare changes – 1st February 2012


Benefits changes that could affect us all – 31st January 2012
Landlord estimates arrears bill hit ahead of direct payments pilot – 30th January 2012
Protesters show anger over Welfare Reform Bill – 28th January 2012
allpay clients to play key role in Universal Credit demonstration projects – 27th January 2012
Why   Iain Duncan Smith is heading for a date with disaster – 26th January 2012
Welfare reform: Housing association reveals direct payment plans – 25th January 2012
Landlord to ‘rigorously test’ direct benefit payments in pilot – 24th January 2012
Welfare reform: direct payment pilot to protect rental income – 23rd January 2012
Iain Duncan Smith: ‘Welfare cap will not push anyone into poverty’ – 23rd January 2012
Lord Ashdown to vote against coalition benefits cap – 22nd January 2012
Ministers ban extra benefits for multiple wives – 21st January 2012
Mixed reaction to Universal Credit direct payment pilots – 20th January 2012
Housing associations and councils chosen to pilot direct benefit payments – 19th January 2012
Our welfare reforms will help create a sustainable, fairer system – 17th January 2012
‘Welfare reform has us terrified’ – families facing the worst speak out – 16th January 2012
Welfare reform: deserved defeats – 13th January 2012
MPs call for single body to ‘oversee’ benefits – 12th January 2012
Small firms may be unable to integrate with Universal Credit system, MPs warn – 12th January 2012
Welfare reform bill –   Lords debate as it happened – 11th January 2012
Blitz on families raking in benefits – 9th January 2012
End of something for nothing? New scheme tells jobless: Work for free or lose
benefits for THREE years
– 9th January 2012
Households with children ”to lose most” – 4th January 2012
Labour urges radical rethink on welfare – 3rd January 2012
Tighter controls urged as figures show £12m overpaid in benefits last year – 1st January 2012


Welfare Reform “will not get work-shy off the dole” – 29th December 2011
MSPs to withhold consent from UK Welfare Reform Bill – 22nd December 2011
DWP pulls back identity services tender – 21st December 2011
Lord Freud; Government to review direct payments to tenants –  16th December 2011
Lords vote to slash benefits for disabled children – 14th December 2011
Time to reward hard work over dependency  on state – 13th December 2011
‘Huge interest’ for credit unions in Universal Credit roll-out – 13th December 2011
Parents of disabled children furious at cuts to allowances – 12th December 2011
Free childcare would raise millions in tax on working mums, says thinktank – 11th December 2011
Reforming welfare – 10th December 2011
Welfare shake-up could force children from their homes, Lib-Dems warn – 7th December 2011
Debt advice could save landlords £50 million – 6th December 2011
Incentive to work has been cut, says Iain Duncan Smith – 5th December 2011
Anti-poverty plan is failing millions, claims Rowntree report – 1st December 2011


Osborne’s Autumn Statement makes open data pledges – 29th November 2011
Government saves £100m in benefit fraud crackdown – 28th November 2011
Universal credit start-ups warning – 28th November 2011
Low-income families to be hit by rising childcare costs – 28th November 2011
Alasdair McDonnell: Concerns over planned welfare reforms – 25th November 2011
Government to lose top IT man Joe Harley – 22nd November 2011
Cap benefits at 4 kids, says Tory MP Harriet Baldwin – 19th November 2011
Universal Credit: winners and losers – 17th November 2011
MIllions of low-paid workers face losing benefits – 14th November 2011
Childcare credit reform ‘will penalise some women’ – 13th November 2011
Iain Duncan Smith ‘to look into childcare costs’ – 11th November 2011
Cap on Universal Credit ‘to hit 133,000 London households’ – 10th November 2011
Benefits reforms may cost Scotland £600m – 10th November 2011
Iain Duncan Smith drafts in Government spies to advise on Universal Credit – 9th November 2011
Landlords and tenants quiz DWP on direct benefits payments – 9th November 2011
Deadline for direct payment pilot looming – 8th November 2011
Benefit fines raise eviction fears – 4th November 2011
DWP signs seven-year app dev contract with Accenture – 3rd November 2011
Benefits changes ‘will hit poorest’, Carwyn Jones warns – 2nd November 2011
One million people will switch to Universal Credit by 2014 – 1st November 2011
Organisations back welfare amendments – 1st November 2011


Benefits cut for offenders could rise to £25 – 29th October 2011
OK Computer? – 28th October 2011
Peers want universal credit IT reassurance – 26th October 2011
Treasury provides £2bn for universal credit implementation – 25th October 2011
Lord Freud refuses to budge on direct payments to tenants – 21st October 2011
Fears raised over ‘high-risk’ Universal Credit – 20th October 2011
Government to push public to use online app for universal credit 20th October 2011
Welfare reform: government hopes there’s an app for that – 19th October 2011
Government faces calls to review direct payment – 18th October 2011
Call to ease childcare burden for full-time working families – 18th October 2011
Universal Credit: Let councils keep housing benefit role – report – 14th October 2011
MPs attack coalition welfare plans – 14th October 2011
The future benefit system – 13th October 2011
Housing organisations call on Government to give tenants a choice – 13th October 2011
Universal credit puts 20,000 jobs “at risk” – 12th October 2011
Universal credit not enough to prevent a decade of rising poverty – 11th October 2011
Annual income for the average family “will fall £2,000 by 2013” – 11th October 2011
Social landlord in direct payments pilot ahead of Universal Credit – 10th October 2011
Is Universal Credit deliverable? Internal report now published – 10th October 2011
U-turn on childcare cuts: is the coalition waking up to its women problem? – 7th October 2011
Childcare support ‘extended to 80,000 more families’ – 7th October 2011
We’ll make work worth it – 7th October 2011
For whose benefit? – 6th October 2011
Hundreds of housing associations call on Government to rethink welfare reforms – 6th October 2011
Quakers in Britain oppose ‘unfair’ government cuts – 5th October 2011
Universal Credit deadline forced DWP to use “unproven” agile development – 4th October 2011
Children’s minister warns welfare reforms could undermine young carers – 3rd October 2011
Freud ‘cynical’ over landlords’ direct payment plea – 3rd October 2011
Any questions for IDS? – 2nd October 2011
A return to old-fashioned values as Coalition benefits shake-up will keep women
at home
– 1st October 2011


IBM signs £525m DWP contract to provide Universal Credit systems – 29th September 2011
DWP awards IT deals to IBM and Capgemini 28th September 2011
Campaigners demand choice on direct payment 27th September 2011
Universal Credit plans are ”in jeopardy”  – 27th September 2011
Treasury ‘worried’ by universal credit plans – 26th September 2011
George Osborne is warned of disaster over welfare reforms – 26th September 2011
Universal challenge – 23rd September 2011
Parents say work doesn’t pay under welfare – 21st September 2011
Direct payments welcomed but concerns remain over tenant choice – 20th September 2011
Benefits reform will lead to growing arrears – 19th September 2011
Leaked letter reveals Michael Gove’s concerns over Universal Credit   – 17th September 2011
Test the benefits – 16th September 2011
Lord Freud: direct payment of housing benefit will end if arrears spiral – 15th September 2011
Lord Freud reveals direct payments pilots at NHF conference – 14th September 2011
Universal credit to be paid monthly – 14th September 2011
Most tenants want housing benefit paid direct to landlord – 14th September 2011
Universal credit: benefits reform risks being another Whitehall slip-up – 13th September 2011
DWP has no clear plan for online services – 13th September 2011
Lord Freud to speak at NHF housing conference after Universal Credit
– 12th September 2011
Benefits cap ‘could make 80,000 children homeless’ – 10th September 2011
The welfare reform bill is a sharp shove to the vulnerable – 9th September 2011
Alliance lobbies for landlord pay option – 9th September 2011
Benefit reforms will lead to arrears – 8th September 2011
Facebook is not trusted to provide government ID system – 7th September 2011
Childcare costs put parents in debt, survey concludes – 7th September 2011

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