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Is DWP looking for yet another new chief for Universal Credit? – 30th April 2014
Welfare reform driving poor out of London, says CIH – 29th April 2014
Iain Duncan Smith spends £170,000 plugging hated Bedroom Tax – 28th April 2014
Bedroom Tax Court Case Win For Disabled Woman – 25th April 2014
Iain Duncan Smith warns over costs of Scottish welfare pledges – 24th April 2014
Welfare reform plunges poorest into still deeper poverty, says Oxfam – 22nd April 2014
The crisis in local welfare assistance explained – 21st April 2014
Universal Credit confusion affecting benefits tenants – 18th April 2014
Learning curve – 17th April 2014
Even renters who work should be worried about housing benefit changes – 15th April 2014
‘Vulnerable people’ will be caught up in Universal Credit fiasco warns Oldham MP – 11th April 2014
IT delays threaten Universal Credit rollout, MPs warn – 10th April 2014
MPs: Universal Credit inquiry ‘hampered by ministers’ – 9th April 2014
Labour’s costing of Universal Credit needs context – 8th April 2014
Iain Duncan Smith defends welfare reforms – 7th April 2014
Welsh Govt: Universal Credit a ‘black hole’ – 7th April 2014
Bedroom tax cutting people adrift from their lives, says bishop – 4th April 2014
Waking Up to Reality on Welfare Reform – 4th April 2014
Bedroom tax: Fighting for the rights of disabled children – 3rd April 2014
Universal credit: DWP answers key questions on housing benefit payments for people in temporary accommodation – 2nd April 2014
MPs call for bedroom tax exemptions – 2nd April 2014
Iain Duncan Smith: even his anger is strangely bloodless – 1st April 2014


Bedroom tax fails to help tenants move, says report – 28th March 2014
Lib Dems propose to overhaul bedroom tax – 28th March 2014
Universal credit pilots say partnerships key to success – 28th March 2014
Poor families hit by welfare reforms ‘running up £52 of debt every week’ – 27th March 2014
MPs set to vote on £120bn annual welfare cap – 26th March 2014
Universal credit and ‘exempt accommodation’ – changes explained – 26th March 2014
George Osborne gives mixed messages over Universal Credit deadline – 25th March 2014
Iain Duncan Smith: little to be smug about – 24th March 2014
Atos accused of misleading government over how quickly it could process claims – 21st March 2014
Budget 2014: Welfare spending cap set at £119.5bn in 2015-16 – 20th March 2014
IDS urged to punish firms for delays over disability benefit tests – 19th March 2014
Cameron increases childcare support to £2,000 – 18th March 2014
DWP on verge of meltdown over big welfare projects – Margaret Hodge – 14th March 2014
Freud and IDS stonewalling bedroom tax fund request – 12th March 2014
DWP cuts put government’s welfare reforms at risk, says leaked document – 11th March 2014
Universal Credit: Iain Duncan Smith and welfare changes – 10th March 2014
Iain Duncan Smith ties himself into universal knots over welfare reform – 10th March 2014
Bedroom tax abolition is on the agenda – 7th March 2014
Welfare reform & the impact on the front line – 7th March 2014
New mums on low incomes set to be worse off under Universal Credit – 6th March 2014
Landlord’s arrears rise by £241,000 during universal credit pilot – 6th March 2014
Increased need for food bank help linked to welfare reforms – 5th March 2014
Bedroom tax is a ‘hasty shambles’, says poverty group – 3rd March 2014


Freud to break bedroom tax pledge – 28th February 2014
Is the Universal Credit roll-out costing £190,000 per claimant? – 27th February 2014
Universal credit extended to Bath and Harrogate – 25th February 2014
Court ruling due on legality of Government’s ‘bedroom tax’ – 21st February 2014
Universal Credit: Government’s welfare reform ‘may be scrapped after next election’ – 20th February 2014
Universal Credit ‘will hit small firms’ – 19th February 2014
Welfare reforms ‘lose’ Wales £930m a year, ministers say – 18th February 2014
Universal credit claimants not counted in jobless figures, says Labour – 17th February 2014
Welfare reforms a ‘disgrace’, says UK’s most senior Catholic – 15th February 2014
Bid to scrap bedroom tax to get second Commons reading – 14th February 2014
‘Bedroom tax’ wrongly levied on thousands of homes – 11th February 2014
How councils are responding to welfare reforms – expert views – 10th February 2014
The question that matters on Universal Credit: Do you believe Iain Duncan Smith? – 7th February 2014
Welfare reform plan deemed ‘staggering’ waste of money by Labour – 6th February 2014
Universal Credit IT ‘probably over ambitious’, says NAO director – 5th February 2014
Iain Duncan Smith faces angry MPs over universal credit – 4th February 2014
Bedroom tax axed in Scotland: Holyrood rivals back SNP Government’s £15m plan to banish hat ed spare-room policy – 3rd February 2014
Iain Duncan Smith facing Commons grilling over his Universal Credit benefit ‘reform’ shambles – 2nd February 2014


MSPs call on UK Government to end bedroom tax or give Holyrood power to scrap it – 31st January 2014
Fraud and error costs councils £125m in welfare administration – 31st January 2014
Universal credit: DWP answers key questions on housing payments – 30th January 2014
Extent of benefit error ‘unclear’, Margaret Burgess says – 29th January 2014
Communicating with DWP on Universal Credit is ‘like banging your head against a brick wall’, reveals council – 24th January 2014
Welfare reform: councils struggle to prepare for universal credit – 24th January 2014
SNP and Labour will agree to end bedroom tax – 23rd January 2014
More landlords turn away housing benefit claimants – 21st January 2014
Labour would make jobseeker’s allowance claimants take skills courses – 20th January 2014
The IT risks facing Universal Credit – 16th January 2014
5,000 people may be exempt from paying ‘bedroom tax’ – 15th January 2014
Check your benefits – on the Wii – 14th January 2014
Ministers left to fix gaffe that sees Universal Credit claimants excluded from energy help – 13th January 2014
This bedroom tax error exposes incompetence alongside the cruelty – 10th January 2014
Universal Credit faces skills crisis after GDS backs away – 9th January 2014
Government’s flagship benefits scheme faces more delays after rift – 8th January 2014
Welfare cuts hurt working people, says TUC – 6th January 2014
Tories even at war with charities over poverty – 4th January 2014
Good samaritan to pay bedroom tax bill for Merseyside mum and disabled daughter – 3rd January 2014
Mum forced to pay bedroom tax on sensory room for severely disabled daughter – 2nd January 2014


How councils can prepare residents for universal credit – 31st December 2013
Private Sector Experts Called In To Save Universal Credit, HS2 Projects – 28th December 2013
Bishop of Warrington’s warning on universal credit – 23rd December 2013
Bedroom tax: one-third of disabled applicants refused emergency grants – 20th December 2013
HMRC’s RTI system lacks disaster recovery and may delay Universal Credit payments – 19th December 2013
What the welfare cuts mean for us: ‘The feeling of dread never goes away’ – 17th December 2013
Scrap the bedroom tax, MPs urge the Coalition – 16th December 2013
Stealth cuts are making universal credit toxic to the working poor – 13th December 2013
Universal Credit IT: What we know; what we don’t know – 12th December 2013
Senior civil servant overseeing Universal Credit gets £20,000 bonus – 11th December 2013
Iain Duncan Smith confronts claims DWP staff given targets to stop benefits – 10th December 2013
Universal credit £40m write-off – 10th December 2013
Landlords: ‘No Homes For Benefit Claimants’ – 9th December 2013
MPs to quiz Iain Duncan Smith over Universal Credit delays – 9th December 2013
Limited Universal Credit pilot sees 90% of people claim benefits online – 2nd December 2013
Charities Turn ‘Bedroom Tax’ Attack On PM – 2nd December 2013


Benefits sanctions a ‘ticking timebomb’ for the homeless – 29th November 2013
Bedroom tax: stress and struggle as benefits clawback hits home – 28th November 2013
‘Bedroom Tax’ Leaves Disabled Fearing Eviction – 27th November 2013
DWP considers ‘mobile first’ strategy for Universal Credit delivery – 27th November 2013
Bedroom tax ‘to blame’ for £1 million in rent arrears and 700 empty properties in Wales – 26th November 2013
Top mandarin hits back at Iain Duncan Smith over universal credit smears – 25th November 2013
Inverness first in Scotland to operate universal credit – 25th November 2013
Bedroom tax is ‘costing more than it will save’ – 22nd November 2013
Cabinet minister ‘misled’ Parliament over welfare reform – 22nd November 2013
Training people to use universal credit ‘could cost hundreds of millions’ – 22nd November 2013
Welfare reform hits council housing policy – 21st November 2013
Bedroom tax impact prompts call from housing leaders for devolution of welfare powers to Wales – 20th November 2013
Welfare reforms will drive ‘huge increases in child poverty’ – 20th November 2013
Digital gap mirrors that poverty gap – 20th November 2013
Universal Credit rules for self-employed under fire – 19th November 2013
Universal Credit should follow tax calendar, says Aplin – 15th November 2013
Bedroom tax affected more than 522,000 people, first figures show – 14th November 2013
Universal credit and a very public mess – 13th November 2013
Iain Duncan Smith to miss ‘bedroom tax’ debate in Commons – 12th November 2013
Universal Credit: ‘real disconnect between reality & idealised model’ – 12th November 2013
Bedroom tax ‘particularly unfair’, says Danny Alexander’s father – 10th November 2013
Iain Duncan Smith has lost touch with reality on the Universal Credit – 8th November 2013
Universal Credit Scheme ‘Has Lost Over £140m’ – 7th November 2013
Universal Credit welfare overhaul lambasted by MPs – 7th November 2013
New warning over Universal Credit – 6th November 2013
MSPs to probe research into effects of bedroom tax – 5th November 2013
DWP ministers to decide whether to scrap all of the £300m Universal Credit IT – 5th November 2013
Universal Credit delivery by 2017 is unrealistic – 5th November 2013
Single parents bear brunt of benefits changes, charities warn – 4th November 2013
DWP refused to release Universal Credit IT review to MPs – 2nd November 2013

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