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Universal credit: £120m could be written off to rescue welfare reform – 31st October 2013
Freud ‘not in a position’ to give timetable for universal credit – 30th October 2013
How the coalition has scaled back Universal Credit yet again – 29th October 2013
Bedroom Tax: Can’t Pay, Can’t Move – 29th October 2013
Deaf and blind man fears losing home over “bedroom tax” as disabled legal challenges mount – 29th October 2013
Universal Credit scheme rolls out – 28th October 2013
Rent arrears up since spare room subsidy abolished, report suggests – 24th October 2014
NI Welfare Bill ‘could top £200M’ – 23rd October 2013
‘Bedroom tax’ not working in Scotland, study finds – 22nd October 2013
Hope for Bedroom Tax victims as Nicola Sturgeon to announce £20m Scottish Government lifeline at SNP conference – 18th October 2013
MPs call for private rent controls amid concerns over bedroom tax impact – 17th October 2013
Nick Clegg orders independent study into Bedroom tax – 16th October 2013
Government’s projected savings from bedroom tax were ‘exaggerated’, research shows – 15th October 2013
DWP hires ex-Vodafone chief and agile expert to head up digital transformation – 15th October 2013
Poorest families to lose out on childcare support under universal credit – 13th October 2013
CAB warns of major problems ahead as claimants struggle to cope in Universal Credit pilot area – 11th October 2013
Welsh Labour MPs launch attack on Government’s “bedroom tax” policy – 10th October 2013
Councils face cash crisis in wake of bedroom tax – 10th October 2013
11,000 in Birmingham chasing 75 one-bedroom council flats – 8th October 2013
David Cameron’s benefits crackdown ‘will hit single parents hardest’ – 8th October 2013
Bedroom Tax’ Victory For Disabled Woman – 4th October 2013
London calls for welfare reform review – 4th October 2013
Welfare reforms are not helping people – 4th October 2013
Bedroom tax deal wins Northern Ireland a four-year reprieve – 4th October 2013
Welfare reforms ‘will remove £750m’ from Northern Ireland economy – 3rd October 2013
Bedroom tax is ‘cruel failure’ six months in, NHF says – 2nd October 2013
Millions ‘will struggle’ with Universal Credit payments – 2nd October 2013
Bedroom tax tribunal victory ‘likely to be followed’, law firm say – 1st October 2013
Opinion:Welfare reform may cause an increase in debt amongst tenants unless councils act now – 1st October 2013



Newspaper review: Mixed reaction to benefits plans – 30th September 2013
Disabled ex-Marine’s outrage at ‘bedroom tax’ eviction threat – 28th September 2013
Bedroom tax: SNP urged to back evictions law – 27th September 2013
Charity slams housing support cuts – 27th September 2013
DWP to appeal groundbreaking Fife ‘bedroom tax’ judgements – 26th September 2013
Bedroom Tax leaves 3,200 people fighting for just 45 homes in one city – 25th September 2013
Universal credit ‘rescue committee’ to be set up – 24th September 2013
Labour calls on PM to ‘sack’ benefits test company – 24th September 2013
Bedroom tax crisis: Ed Miliband commits to abolition of controversial benefit cut – if Labour win next election – 22nd September 2013
Scots feel pinch of bedroom tax – 20th September 2013
Bedroom Tax: research shows more working families in Wales are now living in poverty than out of work families – 20th September 2013
Half the families hit by bedroom tax ‘now in debt’ – 19th September 2013
Exclusive: 50,000 people are facing eviction over bedroom tax – 19th September 2013
‘Vigorous’ examination of bedroom tax after landslide vote – 18th September 2013
Welfare reforms “could cost region £380m a year”, report claims – 18th September 2013
Benefit fraud could lead to 10-year jail terms, says DPP – 16th September 2013
Labour Gives Out Mixed Messages Over Plans To Abolish ‘Bedroom Tax’ – 15th September 2013
Nick Clegg Left Tongue-Tied After ‘Bedroom Tax’ Challenge From Sick Woman – 13th September 2013
Legal fight against ‘bedroom tax’ not over – 13th September 2013
Civil servant who presided over Universal Credit programme accused of a ‘litany of failures’ by MPs – 12th September 2013
Universal Credit: ‘Another £200 million lost’ – 12th September 2013
‘Shocking’ bedroom tax should be axed, says UN investigator – 11th September 2013
Universal credit hits new snag as David Cameron casts doubt on timetable – 11th September 2013
Civil servant Robert Devereux should not suffer the public grilling his minister ducked – 10th September 2013
Universal Credit a Classic Turnaround Project Failure? – 10th September 2013
Numbers in a twist, Mr Duncan Smith? – 7th September 2013
Cameron backs Universal Credit – 7th September 2013
Universal Credit: Iain Duncan Smith blames civil servants for setbacks, confusion and delay – 6th September 2013
Universal credit: Labour demands apology from Iain Duncan Smith over ‘cover-up’ of flaws in benefits shake-up – 6th September
Universal credit frontline: ‘I’m left with nothing’ – 6th September 2013
Universal credit: Minister hits back at critical report – 6th September 2013
How to fix Universal Credit – cut out the IT crowd – 5th September 2013
‘Titanic-sized IT disaster’ universal credit is ‘overly ambitious’ – 5th September 2013
Universal Credit branded £425m omnishambles – 5th September 2013
Universal Credit Scheme Hit By £34m Blunders – 5th September 2013
Universal credit: Flagship welfare reform ‘poor value’ says watchdog – 5th September 2013
Bedroom tax ‘breaks communities’ – 4th September 2013
Opinion: Benefit reforms are sending us back to the future – 4th September 2013
Force claimants to work for benefits, government urged – 4th September 2013
Universal Credit ‘plagued by problems’, says director – 3rd September 2013
Labour pledges £50m to battle ‘bedroom tax’ – 2nd September 2013



UN to investigate bedroom tax – 30th August 2013
Welfare reforms ‘may hit mothers hardest’ – 29th August 2013
Bedroom tax could cause Christmas homelessness crisis, Plaid warn – 29th August 2013
Time to repeal the iniquitous bedroom tax – 27th August 2013
Bedroom Tax is postcode lottery as it is revealed residents in some areas avoid levy – 25th August 2013
Bedroom tax ‘sleep out’ set for Edinburgh – 24th August 2013
Disabled single mother becomes first Scottish victim of bedroom tax – 23rd August 2013
Government Welfare Failings Cost £1.5billion, but Does Labour Have the Answer – 23rd August 2013
Lib Dems to revolt against bedroom tax – 22nd August 2013
Labour to substantially cut benefits bill if it wins power in 2015 – 22nd August 2013
Liam Byrne: Labour will help Iain Duncan Smith save Universal Credit – 21st August 2013
How DWP and Universal Credit failed to work with SME suppliers – 21st August 2013
‘Bedroom tax will destroy rural communities’ – 20th August 2013
Prepare to add HS2 and Universal Credit to our depressing list of fiascos – 20th August 2013
Benefit reforms were too risky, says minister – 19th August 2013
Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith accused of food bank “cover up” – 19th August 2013
Bedroom tax is wrecking communities admits coalition MP – 17th August 2013
Cancer patients being hit by bedroom tax hardship, Welsh charity warns – 16th August 2013
Scottish drive to build a case against the bedroom  – 16th August 2013
Agility, Transition, and Government – 15th August 2013
Labour ‘rejected bedroom tax suggestion’ – 15th August 2013
Is the Bedroom Tax the New Poll Tax? – 14th August 2013
Iain Duncan Smith rejects benefit cap criticism – 14th August 2013
Benefits cap hitting 5,000 deprived East End kids, warns Tower Hamlets council – 13th August 2013
Social landlords funded to get tenants online – 13th August 2013
Welfare Reforms: Councils Hit By Benefits Cuts – 12th August 2013
The real cost of benefits squeeze: £1,600 per family – 12th August 2013
Labour slams DWP over benefit cap IT – 9th August 2013
Single parents will ‘bear brunt’ of benefit cap – 8th August 2013
Freud issues benefit funding pledge – 8th August 2013
Department for Work and Pensions forced to spend £1m on extra staff after IT delay – 7th August 2013
Universal Credit could limit benefit access, Labour warns – 7th August 2013
Independent Scotland likely to keep benefit caps, says Salmond – 6th August 2013
‘Big lie’ behind the bedroom tax: Families trapped with nowhere to move face penalty for having spare room – 6th August 2013
Childcare voucher: working families with stay-at-home parent excluded – 5th August 2013
Universal Credit staff describe chaos behind scenes of flagship Tory reform – 2nd August 2013


‘People will remember welfare reform as the state punishing the poor’ – 23rd July 2013
Bedroom Tax: Samaritans called in to train housing staff – 21st July 2013
Report reveals 1.5 million more families feeling financial strain – 21st July 2013
Bedroom Tax protesters deliver letters on devastating effect on disabled people’s lives – 17th July 2013
The Tories Can Ill Afford to Crow About Welfare – 17th July 2013
Benefit cap: perils of gut instinct – 16th July 2013
Iain Duncan Smith defends use of statistics over benefits cap – 16th July 2013
Conservatives prepare to get tough on teenage single mothers in benefits crackdown – 16th July 2013
How to open a bank account for Universal Credit – 15th July 2013
Disability group calls for clarity on bedroom tax exemptions – 15th July 2013
Iain Duncan Smith: ‘This is about saving money and changing a culture’ – 15th July 2013
Grant Shapps: Labour are ‘miles behind’ on welfare – 15th July 2013
Benefits cap of £500 a week rolls out across Britain – 15th July 2013
Bedroom Tax could see homes demolished as tenants quit larger houses – 14th July 2013
‘Bedroom tax’ stokes rise in benefit claims for housing hardship – 13th July 2013
Universal Credit: Next Steps – 12th July 2013
Yes, universal credit is simple: work more and get paid less – 12th July 2013
Nine in 10 claimants ‘not ready’ for universal credit – 12th July 2013
Low on Credit – 12th July 2013
Working families will be ‘worse off’ under Universal Credit scheme – 11th July 2013
Universal credit: National roll-out delayed, claims Labour – 11th July 2013

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