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Universal Credit? Universal DISCREDIT, more like, say insiders – 10th July 2013
Government’s bedroom tax forces carers to cut back on food – 10th July 2013
Labour calls for radical reform of social security for disabled people – 10th July 2013
Sick and disabled Scots face ‘quadruple whammy’ from welfare reforms – 10th July 2013
Welby warning over ‘scrounger’ label for benefit claimants – 9th July 2013
Duncan Smith and Freud to face MPs on Universal Credit progress – 9th July 2013
Rent arrears jump by £2m after introduction of ‘bedroom tax’ – 8th July 2013
Universal credit fears revealed through Citizens Advice survey – 8th July 2013
Bedroom Tax causing break-up of communities says damning Church of England report – 5th July 2013
IDS: Benefit cap ‘successfully delivered in London’ – 5th July 2013
Why agile development failed for Universal Credit – 4th July 2013
Government plans will draw more people into welfare system – 4th July 2013
Why can’t Lord Freud see the link between poverty and food banks? – 3rd July 2013
Demand for food banks ‘has nothing to do with benefits squeeze,’ says Lord Freud – 3rd July 2013
Duncan Smith hails ‘bedroom tax’ as a ‘success’ – 2nd July 2013
Digital by Default being redefined as Hobson’s Choice – 1st July 2013
Universal Credit hits Wigan as “slow, safe and controlled” roll-out continues – 1st July 2013
Impact of housing benefit changes ‘worse than feared’ – 1st July 2013


900,000 working families to lose out on childcare benefits – 30th June 2013
What the government gives with one hand, it takes away with the other – 28th June 2013
DWP spending cuts to could increase benefits bill, Treasury warns – 28th June 2013
Lord Freud offers new direct payment ‘guarantees’ to protect social landlords – 27th June 2013
Spending cuts tip 600,000 children into poverty – 27th June 2013
Osborne slashes public sector jobs and targets benefits in spending review – 26th June 2013
Delay In Benefit Payments Will Leave Children ‘Cold And Hungry’, George Osborne Told – 26th June 2013
Welfare reform NOT reducing rents  – 25th June 2013
Majority of social landlords fearing explosion in rent arrears – 24th June 2013
180,000 children with a parent working in public sector ‘in poverty by 2015’ – 24th June 2013
Housing report critical of government ‘short termism’ – 24th June 2013
Bedroom Tax: Ed Miliband slammed for not promising to scrap the tax – 23rd June 2013
Church of England faces fresh clash with ministers over welfare reform – 23rd June 2013
One in three Britons fear they will be unable to keep up with housing costs – 22nd June 2013
Freud issues bedroom tax reclassification warning – 21st June 2013
Hardship fund almost exhausted as welfare reforms take hold – 20th June 2013
Bedroom tax review “imperative” – Sturgeon – 20th June 2013
DWP must give Universal Credit claimants enough support, say MPs – 19th June 2013
Benefit sanctions move jobseekers away from job market, says CAB – 19th June 2013
Those already in need will be hardest hit by increased means testing – 18th June 2013
Jobless forced to pay for library internet access just as more services move online – 18th June 2013
Welfare changes prompt up to 800% increase in number of people seeking help with rent – 17th June 2013
Clegg: I’ll block welfare reforms if rich pensioners keep benefits – 17th June 2013
Salmond pledges ‘bedroom tax’ reverse – 14th June 2013
Child Poverty Statistics Reveal Two Out Of Three Come From Working Households – 14th June 2013
Women will bear the brunt of the Government’s welfare reforms – 14th June 2013
Britain’s GCHQ agency prepares to come out of the shadows to combat cyber-crime – 13th June 2013
Majority of private landlords wary of Universal Credit – 13th June 2013
‘Telephone tax’: Government departments investigated over use of premium-rate phone lines – 12th June 2013
Scottish Government plans to share welfare system with UK after indyref – 12th June 2013
The next stage of the bedroom tax: families threatened with eviction – 11th June 2013
Universal credit docked to recover rent arrears – 10th June 2013
£24 PC to go on sale, aiming to get poorest online – 10th June 2013
The bedroom tax has made huge problems even worse – 10th June 2013
Cruel dinners; Hundreds of thousands of children set to lose free school meals – 9th June 2013
‘Soaring’ numbers need urgent help from Citizens Advice Bureau after welfare changes ‘drive people to despair’ – 8th June 2013
The benefits of compassion – 7th June 2013
Welfare: the State outsources crisis provision to the Church – 7th June 2013
Tories criticise Ed Miliband’s ‘vacuous’ housing benefit reforms – 6th June 2013
Ed Miliband to pledge Labour limit on spending in welfare crackdown – 6th June 2013
Tenants need £11 a week more because of the ‘bedroom tax’, report suggests – 6th June 2013
Is the welfare bill really out of control? – 5th June 2013
Bedroom Tax personal petitions: Heartbreaking letters from victims of hated charge – 5th June 2013
Britain faces ‘colossal’ child poverty bill, report shows – 5th June 2013
A long list of costs and casualties – 4th June 2013
Chancellor urged to rethink welfare reforms – 4th June 2013
Universal Credit will cost taxpayers £12.8bn – 3rd June 2013
Bedroom tax plunges thousands of Greater Manchester residents into debt hell – 3rd June 2013
Labour will axe rich older people’s fuel payments – Ed Balls – 3rd June 2013
Most disadvantaged facing ‘brunt of government cuts’ says SNP – 2nd June 2013
Suicide and the unspoken side of welfare ‘reform’ – 1st June 2013
Duncan Smith has created a ticking social time bomb – and we’ll pick up the bill – 1st June 2013


Young people’s guide to Universal Credit – 31st May 2013
Welfare reform hangs in the balance – 30th May 2013
DWP: Welfare reforms ‘improve the lives’ of poorest – 30th May 2013
More than half-a-million going hungry in breadline Britain – 30th May 2013
Expert: Bedroom tax breaches rights – 29th May 2013
One size does not fit all: why Universal Credit needs to work for older people – 28th May 2013
Iain Duncan Smith poised to slash benefits budget even further but protect defence spending – 28th May 2013
Iain Duncan Smith: cut welfare to fund police and Forces – 28th May 2013
Tenants face eviction over controversial ‘bedroom tax’ – 27th May 2013
Cyberattack: the hidden dangers of ‘digital by default’ – 27th May 2013
Can any government really expect to carry out ambitious reform? – 26th May 2013
Universal credit in danger of failing, official Whitehall review says – 25th May 2013
Benefits cap will have catastrophic effect on families, court will hear – 24th May 2013
Church speaks out against bedroom tax evictions – 24th May 2013
Welsh minister slams unanswered questions surrounding Universal Credit – 23/05/2013
Welfare reforms: how their introduction will affect charities – 23/05/2013
Homes “standing empty” because of bedroom tax – 23/05/2013
Freedom of information reveals who wins and loses in 2013 – 22/05/2013
Bedroom Tax evictions set to begin as first notification letters arrive  – 22/05/2013
The real meaning of the welfare reforms – 22/05/2013
Ministers advise councils on Universal Credit delivery – 21/05/2013
Universal credit assessments are a recipe for confusion for leaseholders – 21/05/2013
The truth about universal credit – 21/05/2013
Universal credit landlord concerned by rising debt – 20/05/2013
Three top tips for creating a successful digital inclusion strategy – 20/05/2013
Jobseekers and benefits data release postponed by DWP – 20/05/2013
Revealed: Devastating impact of ‘bedroom tax’ sees huge leap in demand for emergency hardship handouts for tenants – 18th May 2013
‘Bedroom tax’ prompts surge in pleas for council aid – 18th May 2013
Universal credit pilot scheme hits problems – 17th May 2013
Government extends direct payment pilot schemes – 17th May 2013
Universal Credit direct payment demonstration projects – latest findings – 16th May 2013
Stoke on Trent dad goes to court over bedroom tax – 16th May 2013
Disability Rights: Bedroom Tax Illegally Discriminates Against Disabled People Court Hears – 15th May 2013
Housing benefit changes legal test to begin at High Court – 15th May 2013
MSPs grill DWP chief on bedroom tax – 14th May 2013
DWP online claimants aspiration is ‘achievable’ – 14th May 2013
Universal Credit: Warning over online benefit claims – 14th May 2013
Sturgeon woos female voters with pledge to undo Tory welfare reforms – 13th May 2013
Welfare fraud and error: how much is the UK losing? – 13th May 2013
Iain Duncan Smith – smarter than Joey from ‘Friends’, but blind to the truth – 13th May 2013
Lies, damned lies and Iain Duncan Smith – 12th May 2013
GPs needed to beat bedroom tax – 12th May 2013
Real stories highlight bedroom tax absurdity – 11th May 2013
The Independent View: Universal Credit..will it work? – 10th May 2013
Iain Duncan Smith criticised for ‘unsupported’ claims on success of Government welfare reforms – 10th May 2013
Benefit fraud and error cost £3.5bn, DWP reveals – 9th May 2013
New benefits system a “car crash” in the making, says Wales anti-poverty minister – 9th May 2013
1.1m children forecast to fall back into poverty – wiping out a decade of gains – 8th May 2013
Universal Credit ‘fails to help nine in 10 families’ – 7th May 2013
Universal Credit will leave 60% worse of and 8% better off with disabled hit hardest – 7th May 2013
Government Digital Service condemned for shallow thinking – 6th May 2013
Consumer rights: How you can get to grips with the new world of Universal Credit – 5th May 2013
How housing providers are beating the bedroom tax – 3rd May 2013
Universal Credit – Too Important an Opportunity to Miss – 3rd May 2013
Small-scale Universal Credit pilot dodges crucial tests  – 2nd May 2013
Struggling charities in warning over impact of benefit changes – 2nd May 2013
Universal Credit: Landlords to receive direct payments after two months of arrears – 1st May 2013
Jobcentre staff stage protest as new benefits system rolls out – 1st May 2013


If you speak to my officials like that again I’ll bite your balls off and send them to you in a box’: How IDS bared his teeth in welfare row at Treasury – 30th April 2013

Universal credit is trouble, but it’s no welfare revolution – 30th April 2013

Brave new world of Universal Credit benefits finds an uncertain welcome on the streets of Ashton-under-Lyne – 30th April 2013
Universal credit: evolution, not revolution – 30th April 2013
Universal Credit ‘confusing’, say first claimants to see it in action – 29th April 2013
Universal credit ‘will destroy people’ – 29th April 2013
Universal credit: IDS defends step-by-step approach – 29th April 2013
Benefits Shake-Up: What is Universal Credit? – 29th April 2013
Universal Credit trial begins – 29th April 2013
Jobcentres’ union to stage benefits protest – 29th April 2013
Benefits Shake-Up: Universal Credit Begins – 29th April 2013
Mothers and children lose out in benefit changes – 28th April 2013
Iain Duncan Smith urges wealthy elderly to ‘hand back’ benefits – 28th April 2013
Universal credit pilot to launch with only a few dozen claimants – 27th April 2013
Universal credit: the essential guide – 26th April 2013
Councils ‘missing essential information over benefits changes’ warn of chaos – 26th April 2013
How little money can a person live on? – 26th April 2013
Fixing the figures – 26th April 2013
Opinion: Does social housing need a tougher approach to rent collection? – 25th April 2013
Universal credit has great potential for positive social change – 25th April 2013
Social housing tenants offered recycled computers in online drive – 24th April 2013
Universal Credit: Twitter Q&A Session – 24th April 2013
South Wales areas in ‘top 25 hit by welfare changes’ – 23rd April 2013
Social housing braced for welfare reform revolution – 23rd April 2013
70,000 without enough money to pay for basics – 23rd April 2013
Renewed HP Pay Strike Threat Could Hit Universal Credit Launch – 22nd April 2013
Bedroom tax is not the answer to our present financial problems – 22nd April 2013
Survey of social landlords finds funding is causing as much concern as universal credit – 20th April 2013
Benefits cap pilots claim DWP cash is not enough – 19th April 2013
Bedroom tax protestors target Lord Freud’s house – 19th April 2013
Welfare reform: where now for social housing? – 18th April 2013
How Labour can reframe the big debate on welfare – 18th April 2013
It’s time to recognise the impact of benefit changes – 18th April 2013
The London housing and benefit madness that Thatcher built – 17th April 2013
Bedroom tax: lack of legal support may see housing arrears increase – 17th April 2013
Credit unions get £38m to take on loan sharks – 17th April 2013
MSP backs anti-bedroom tax law move – 16th April 2013
Benefits diaries: Meet the authors – 16th April 2013
Carl Sargeant: Housing benefit change ‘complete madness’ – 16th April 2013
Welfare reform: the full impact will not be felt overnight – 15th April 2013
Banks oppose new accounts for benefits claimants – 15th April 2013
Benefits cap trial begins in London – 15th April 2013
Top tips: lessons from the direct payment pilot schemes – 13th April 2013
The bedroom tax is already ruining Welsh communities – 13th April 2013
Universal Credit: Majority of benefit claimants concerned about welfare reform – 12th April 2013
Support grows for SNP-Labour pact on ‘bedroom tax’ – 12th April 2013
Why a digital inclusion strategy is now crucial for social landlords – 12th April 2013
Welfare Cuts ‘Will Widen North-South Divide’ – 11th April 2013
Welfare reform is needed but the bedroom tax will end badly – 10th April 2013
Housing benefit climbdowns could put lenders and landlords at risk – 9th April 2013
Not everyone milks the welfare system – 9th April 2013
Government pledges £400k universal credit IT cash – 8th April 2013
Iain Duncan Smith hit with 455,000 petition to live on £53 a week – 8th April 2013
Disability payment changes begin – 8th April 2013
Benefit claimants flooding welfare system to ‘get ahead’ of test, warns Iain Duncan Smith – 8th April 2013
Labour promise welfare changes with emphasis on contributory principle – 7th April 2013
Row over new rates taxes leaders – 7th April 2013
Bedroom tax ‘costs more to enforce’ – 5th April 2013
Lib Dem leader steps in TWICE on Universal Credit – 5th April 2013
Housing benefit changes may prompt return of rent collectors – 4th April 2013
On welfare, Iain Duncan Smith is the heir to Gordon Brown – 4th April 2013
Universal Credit plus RTI will burden businesses, says ACCA – 4th April 2013
Government must reconsider before the introduction of Universal Credit – 4th April 2013
Universal credit benefits changes: tenants should have right to choose how rent is paid – 3rd April 2013
Universal Credit: MPs raise fraud concerns – 3rd April 2013
Universal Credit and future funding: social housing sector reveals its greatest fears – 2nd April 2013
DWP hires Olympics construction director to head up Universal Credit – 2nd April 2013
Change to disability benefits appeals process could leave people penniless – 2nd April 2013
Welfare minister Iain Duncan Smith: I could get by on £53 a week – 2nd April 2013
Will anyone benefit from wide range of welfare reforms? – 1st April 2013
Welfare system reforms are fair, says Iain Duncan Smith – 1st April 2013
Every welfare cut listed: how much a typical family will lose per week – 1st April 2013



Churches accuse ministers of perpetuating myths about poverty – 31st March 2013
Welfare: the IDS reforms are under fire – 31st March 2013
Bedroom tax is worthy of Stalin, says government’s poverty tsar – 30th March 2013
Welfare reform: will technology be up to the job? – 29th March 2013
Former Conservative welfare minister urges caution over universal credit – 29th March 2013
Universal Credit: Duncan Smith’s master plan is grinding to a halt – 29th March 2013
Universal Credit pilots scaled back – 29th March 2013
Let the benefit changes begin – DWP releases April’s welfare reform timetable – 28th March 2013
Ministers must avoid a digital divide, say auditors – 28th March 2013
Benefits unkind: Welfare changes for 2013 and 2014 – 28th March 2013
Universal Credit trialled in North West – 27th March 2013
Iain Duncan Smith heckled at Edinburgh speech – 27th March 2013
Campaigners warn of IT risk of benefit changes – 27th March 2013
Welfare cuts will cost disabled people £28bn over five years – 27th March 2013
Ministers say welfare reform is overdue: who benefits? – 26th March 2013
Bedroom tax may make thousands homeless, report by MPs warns – 26th March 2013
Council leaders launch scathing attack on ‘bedroom tax’ reforms – 25th March 2013
Too little, too complex, badly targeted: this £1bn could be wasted – 24th March 2013
Poorest families worse off by up to £200 – 23rd March 2013
Stop excluding vulnerable Brits from digital agenda – MPs – 22nd March 2013
DWP and Treasury in standoff over £145 million Universal Credit fund – 20th March 2013
The DWP Is Guilty of Incompetence on an Industrial Scale – 20th March 2013
Universal credit threatens eviction amnesty – 19th March 2013
Free prescriptions for Universal Credit recipients – 19th March 2013
Housing professionals reveal views on Universal Credit – 19th March 2013
Poverty warning: How tens of thousands of disabled Scots will be hit hard by the new ‘bedroom tax’ – 18th March 2013
MPs accuse HMRC of woeful customer service – 18th March 2013
Iain Duncan Smith blocks plan for childcare tax breaks in Budget – 17th March 2013
Shock of thousands who will miss out in changes to benefits – 16th March 2013
Eviction fears over universal credit housing changes – 15th March 2013
Bedroom tax: why you should march against this heartless, pointless ‘reform’ – 15th March 2013
HMRC to close 281 centres providing face-to-face tax help – 14th March 2013

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