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Universal Credit: tenants could be ‘a broken washing machine away from not
paying rent’ – 14th March 2013
Universal credit pilots issue digital access warning – 13th March 2013
Opinion: is the Universal Credit challenge greater than feared? – 13th March 2013
Universal Credit calculations “will use spreadsheets” in early rollout – 13th March 2013
Partial Bedroom tax U-turn announced by Iain Duncan Smith – 12th March 2013
Ex drug users and alcoholics ‘can make the best workers’ says Iain Duncan Smith – 12th March 2013
Landlords prepare for Universal Credit with direct debit switch – 12th March 2013
UK’s £500m web dole queue project director replaced after JUST 4 months – 11th March 2013
Benefit claimants need to get online, Welsh minister warns – 11th March 2013
Welfare minister rages at bishops – 11th March 2013
Social landlords get £2.5m cash boost to offset ‘bedroom tax’ – 10th March 2013
Welfare reform trial sees rent arrears rise in Torfaen – 10th March 2013
Households hammered: 9 in 10 families to be worse off by 2015 by up £2,000 a year – 10th March 2013
Welfare reform will drive up demand and tip the vulnerable into poverty – 9th March 2013
MP adamant Universal Credit IT suppliers told to down tools – 7th March 2013
Million children missing free meals – 7th March 2013
Universal credit benefits system ‘in meltdown’, claims Labour – 6th March 2013
Digital access will make or break Universal Credit, say charities and HAs – 5th March 2013
Children’s rights cited in legal challenge launched against ‘bedroom tax’ – 5th March 2013
Local job services ‘vital to ensure Universal Credit works’ – 4th March 2013
‘Bedroom tax’ will hit single parents and disabled people hardest – 4th March 2013
Huge loophole in ‘bedroom tax’ – 3rd March 2013
Benefit changes are driving claimants to brink of suicide – 2nd March 2013
Universal Credit still on track‚ says Whitehall IT chief – 1st March 2013



Welfare reform is sector’s biggest concern in 2013 – 28th February 2013
Rent arrears rise predicted by housing associations – 28th February 2013
Opinion: benefit claimants being paid to move away – 27th February 2013
Universal Credit delivery strengthened to allay fears of failure – 27th February 2013
Welfare reforms could spark a decade of destitution – 26th February 2013
Welfare Reform: How landlords are engaging residents – 26th February 2013
Welfare changes are ‘deeply shocking’ – peer – 26th February 2013
Bedroom tax will cost us more – 25th February 2013
Top tips: managing the bedroom tax in social housing – 23rd February 2013
Commute 3 hours a day or lose benefits, jobseekers are told – 23rd February 2013
Charities say millions without internet access will face benefits struggle – 22nd February 2013
Benefit reforms: blatant discrimination against young parents – 21st February 2013
Universal Credit: housing chief slams direct payments as ‘daft’ – 21st February 2013
Not everyone is on the internet, Iain Duncan Smith – 20th February 2013
Universal credit: more tenants face eviction and rent arrears – 19th February 2013
Councils must prepare for the unexpected as universal credit rolls out – 19th February 2013
Welfare changes: tenants get explanatory video – 19th February 2013
Welfare reforms in doubt after troubleshooter takes over – 18th February 2013
Warning over high levels of child poverty – 18th February 2013
Department for Work and Pensions issues ‘bedroom tax’ reassurance – 17th February 2013
Poverty map shows how cuts in benefits will hurt children – 16th February 2013
67,000 pensioners to be hit by bedroom tax – 15th February 2013
Warning over online benefit claims move – 15th February 2013
Universal credit plans scrutinised by peers – 14th February 2013
Benefit cuts and welfare reforms mean more misery for many families – 14th February 2013
Universal credit: your stories about the government’s benefit changes – 13th February 2013
DWP in trouble – 13th February 2013
DWP to rule on direct payment exceptions – 12th February 2013
Universal Credit: how do you define need? – 12th February 2013
 HMRC warns firms to get new software for RTI – 12th February 2013
Plans to cut benefits for households with unemployed youngsters slammed – 12th February 2013
Vulnerable’ claimants to get help – 11th February 2013
Bedroom tax ‘will be disaster for Scotland’ – 10th February 2013
Rent arrears ‘threaten housing associations’ viability’ – 10th February 2013
Views sought on impact of Universal Credit – 8th February 2013
Now pensioners are in cruel Cameron’s sights – 8th February 2013
Benefits fears for non-net users – 7th February 2013
Universal Credit: ‘Carefully selected’ tenants struggling to cope with direct
payments – 7th February 2013
No benefits ‘safety net’, says DWP – 6th February 2013
Universal credit will “seriously backfire” in Wales – 6th February 2013
Government attacked over continued failure to define ‘vulnerable’ in Universal
Credit plans – 5th February 2013
How will the ‘bedroom tax’ work? – 5th February 2013
Government’s welfare reforms are all an act – 5th February 2013
MSPs to hear evidence on benefit changes – 4th February 2013
The welfare reform blame game – 3rd February 2013
Lord Freud editorial – Unfair and harsh? – 1st February 2013
Welfare reform to leave UK housing sector in a “worse state” by end of 2013 –
CIH survey – 1st February 2013


Umbrella campaign group forms to oppose Government’s welfare cuts – 31st January 2013
New ‘poll tax’ blow for UK’s poorest – 31st January 2013
Benefits: How to claim your entitlement – 30th January 2013
Call for ‘revolutionary’ welfare payments move – 30th January 2013
Universal Credit Pathfinder details emerge – ‘prove before we move’ principle for IT implementation – 29th January 2013
Why 2013 must be the year of Digital by Default – 28th January 2013
Lord Freud: 3 million families will be better off under Universal Credit – 28th January 2013
Welfare cuts will increase poverty, says Oxfam Scotland – 27th January 2013
landlords should get systems in place before Universal Credit – 25th January 2013
Universal Credit – the ace up Duncan Smith’s sleeve? – 24th January 2013
Benefit awareness award attracts MP’s support – 24th January 2013
£2.2bn Universal Credit project: boss passes away after just a few months in post – 23rd January 2013
Benefit cuts – share your story – 22nd January 2013
Workers who claim benefits told to increase hours or lose universal credit – 22nd January 2013
PayPal Gets A Slice Of £25m DWP Identity Contract – 21st January 2013
Who will speak up for the universal welfare state now? – 21st January 2013
Iain Duncan Smith: We will catch benefit cheats – 20th January 2013
Children of the poor will suffer most under Osborne’s benefits squeeze – 20th January 2013
Demand for benefits advice increased two-fifths in past five years – 18th January 2013
Government figures show ‘extra 200,000 children to be pushed into poverty’ – 17th January 2013
Govt pledges state-funded sickness absence checking service – 17th January 2013
Welfare reform: the bedroom tax, ‘a policy that has no logic’ – 16th January 2013
UK Government’s benefit changes are a ‘social atrocity’ Minister – 14th January 2013
Benefits reform ‘to force 1 in 4 into poverty’ – 13th January 2013
Welfare reform hitting lone parents says Poverty Alliance – 11th January 2013
UK welfare reform demands a proper, grown-up debate! – 11th January 2013
Six steps to improve digital inclusion in 2013 – 10th January 2013
So IDS won his benefits cap but Universal Credit and taking on grey power will not be so easy – 9th January 2013
Lone parents worse off under Universal Credit, warns Barnardo’s – 8th January 2013
In what, exactly, are we together? – 8th January 2013
Message to private landlords: give universal credit a chance – 7th January 2013
Under George Osborne’s benefit cuts, it’s the strivers who suffer most – 6th January 2013
Child Benefit changes make welfare system incoherent, says IFS – 4th January 2013
Who said the nasty party had gone away – 4th January 2013
Slasher Iain Duncan Smith and the Tory benefits lie– 4th January 2013
IDS accused of yet another welfare figure fiddle – 3rd January 2013
Iain Duncan Smith’s polemic is politics at its most cynical – 3rd January 2013
Benefit increases far outstrip private sector pay, DWP figures show – 2nd January 2013
Universal credit welfare pilot beset by IT failures – 2nd January 2013



We’ve brought back fairness to welfare – 31st December 2012
Iain Duncan Smith: £10bn lost in tax credit fraud and error – 31st December 2012
Universal credit plan ‘is a disaster in the making’, says minister just months ahead of launch – 31st December 2012
Charity warns of benefits plan trap – 30th December 2012
Direct housing benefit credits ‘could push a million into debt’ – 30th December 2012
The big changes Universal Credit would bring for my family – 29th December 2012
MP calls for better internet access Wales as benefits system “goes online” – 28th December 2012
Web-only universal credit ‘will leave thousands in crisis’ – 28th December 2012
TUC slams UK govt. for exploiting poor – 25th December 2012
The spirit of give and take – 24th December 2012
Department for Work and Pensions under fire as benefit cap is delayed – 23rd December 2012
Tories accuse Labour over benefits – 22nd December 2012
‘War on welfare’ petition tops 5,000 in less than 48 hours – 21st December 2012
The cap fits – 20th December 2012
A Tale of Two Welfare States – 19th December 2012
Tory MP proposes ‘Welfare Cash Cards’ for Universal Credit – 19th December 2012
G4S to win welfare role despite Olympic security fiasco – 18th December 2012
Where is the Work? – 17th December 2012
Universal Credit to remove safeguards for landlords – 14th December 2012
Criticism prompts universal credit changes – 13th December 2012
Universal Credit: 2 million will be better off refusing work – 13th December 2012
Existing claimants protected under universal credit – 13th December 2012
Stuff the workers: Osborne mugs 1.7m breadwinners with Tory welfare reforms – 12th December 2012
Universal credit: government admits 800,000 more households stand to lose – 12th December 2012
Housing costs for ‘exempt accommodation’ to be met outside Universal Credit  – 11th December 2012
Families to be better off under Universal Credit – 11th December 2012
Direct payments will require landlord to collect extra £23m a year – 10th December 2012
Benefits cuts row intensifies between parties – 10th December 2012
Welfare state: Ed Miliband can strike a blow for social equity – 9th December 2012
Cruel Autumn Statement will hit low-income families hard – 7th December 2012
Universal Credit needs universal support and effective local delivery – 6th December 2012
Poorest are Once Again Hit the Hardest – 6th December 2012
Osborne unveils fresh welfare cuts – 5th December 2012
Citizens Advice response to Chancellor’s Autumn Statement – 5th December 2012
George Osborne breaks link between benefits and inflation – 5th December 2012
Government set to cash in on anti-welfare propaganda – 5th December 2012
Welfare budget under spotlight as Osborne prepares to deliver Autumn Statement -5th December 2012
MPs voice RTI concerns – 3rd December 2012



How much does benefit fraud cost the UK economy? – 30th November 2012
Universal Credit: Fly or Flop – 29th November 2012
Welfare reform: universal credit could be an acid test for the government – 27th November 2012
Study identifies tenants at risk of universal credit debt – 26th November 2012
Worries about accessing new universal credit online – 25th November 2012
Government told it must face significant Universal Credit problems – 23rd November 2012
Computer worries ‘continue to pose a risk to welfare reforms’ – 22nd November 2012
Universal Credit inquiry echoes findings from direct payments trials – 22nd November 2012
Vulnerable universal credit claimants may struggle, say MPs – 22nd November 2012
Housing associations ‘must do more’ to help tenants ahead of Universal Credit  – 22nd November 2012
Benefit reforms could increase homelessness, warns housing group – 21st November 2012
PayPal Set For Government Universal Credit Contract? – 19th November 2012

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