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Parliament probes Universal Credit implementation – 19th November 2012
Prepare for work or lose your benefits, long-term sick are told – 17th November 2012
Universal Credit: Timeline for switching existing claimants ‘unchanged’, says DWP – 14th November 2012
DWP CIO Philip Langsdale oversees Universal Credit overhaul – 14th November 2012
DWP Announces First Identity Assurance Providers – 13th November 2012
Universal credit ‘will not benefit everyone’ – 13th November 2012
Benefits reform under threat after IT glitch – 11th November 2012
Universal Credit officials removed – 9th November 2012
Universal Credit director steps down amid speculation project to be delayed – 8th November 2012
What can housing expect from the autumn statement? – 8th November 2012
Iain Duncan Smith: direct payments to remain for refuges – 6th November 2012
Landlords reject direct payment plans – 6th November 2012
Duncan Smith: Welfare changes will make living wage easier – 5th November 2012
Why we should provide social housing tenants with free broadband – 5th November 2012
Threat  to benefits of a million part-timers – 3rd November 2012
Universal credit: debunking the myths – 1st November 2012


Universal credit: get ready for some rough justice – 31st October 2012
Universal Credit: ‘It’s not too late to get it right’ – 31st October 2012
Universal Credit: Benefits claimants could be ‘trapped in poverty’ – 30th October 2012
Lord Freud told to explain ‘unique circumstances’ of direct payments concession – 29th October 2012
Employers warned on RTI data errors – 29th October 2012
RLA undertaking widescale Universal Credit survey – 26th October 2012
Welfare Reform: Northern Ireland’s Executive Acts While Scotland’s Hands Tied – 26th October 2012
Iain Duncan Smith targets families of more than two children for benefit cuts -25th October 2012
Benefits encourage problem families, says Iain Duncan Smith – 25th October 2012
More than 40,000 children living abroad receive UK child benefit – 24th October 2012
Universal Credit Updates Announced – 23rd October 2012
Benefits warning over workers – 22nd October 2012
Universal Credit: payments will be split in cases of domestic violence, says minister – 20th October 2012
Workers will have to run down savings for Universal Credit, warns think tank – 19th October 2012
Universal credit: are we streamlining the compassion out of our society? – 18th October 2012
Half a million disabled hit by Duncan Smith’s welfare reform – 17th October 2012
Universal Credit: The benefit cut for workers that has ‘escaped notice’ – 15th October 2012
Lord Freud announces council pilots for merged benefit fraud squad – 10th October 2012
Jury out on state-sponsored bank accounts for Universal Credit – 10th October 2012
Universal Credit and HB cuts: something for something?  – 9th October 2012
IDS vows more welfare budget cuts – 9th October 2012
Minister announces £145m fund to boost financial inclusion – 9th October 2012
Jobless with big families could lose benefits: Osborne vows to slash £10bn from  welfare bill – 8th October 2012
Welfare to work not delivering value for money for public purse – 5th October 2012
Facebook accounts could be used to prove identity to access public services – 4th October 2012
‘Extortionate’ childcare costs could derail moves to ‘make work pay’, report warns – 4th October 2012
Public want controls on benefit spending – 3rd October 2012
Rents will still be paid to tenants under Universal Credit – 3rd October 2012
Beware: welfare reform carries great risks – 2nd October 2012
Concerns raised over Universal Credit’s reliance on internet – 1st October 2012


Welfare changes could restrict volunteering, warns Volunteering England – 29th September 2012
Universal Credit: Claimants could keep fortnightly payments for two years – 29th September 2012
Universal Credit ”will be like the poll tax” – 28th September 2012
Online rule for Universal Credit could cause chaos in North Wales says welfare rights organiser – 27th September 2012
Universal Credit Debate – 27th September 2012
How agile is Universal Credit? – 26th September 2012
The impact of welfare system changes in Glasgow – 24th September 2012
Universal Credit ICT spend reaches £638m  – 21st September 2012
Welfare reform: A chance to curb fraudulent payments? – 21st September 2012
UK households ‘ill-prepared’ for new universal credit – 20th September 2012
Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare claims are rubbish, says Alex Salmond – 19th September 2012
Cyber fraud threatens welfare reform, warns minister – 18th September 2012
New monthly universal credit scheme to go ahead, says IDS – 18th September 2012
Benefit reforms ‘risk backfiring’ – 17th September 2012
Universal Credit IT in spotlight as government dismisses disaster warnings – 17th September 2012
Welfare reform is not ready and should be delayed for a year, says Labour – 16th September 2012
IDS warned welfare reform ‘unworkable and unfair’ – 15th September 2012
DWP urged to subsidise new bank accounts ahead of Universal Credit – 14th September 2012
IDS refuses to publish Universal Credit business case – 14th September 2012
George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith could ruin welfare reform – 13th September 2012
Giving money to poor does not help them take responsibility for lives, warns Iain Duncan Smith – 12th September 2012
Universal credit: Fortnightly benefits to stay for some – 11th September 2012
Universal credit scheme will rot soul of low-paid, says Frank Field – 11th September 2012
Labour in Commons challenge over big benefit shakeup – 10th September 2012
Housing associations talking to DWP over ‘benefit verifier’ role – 10th September 2012
Iain Duncan Smith told millions will struggle to claim universal credit – 10th September 2012
Benefits changes: Universal Credit system warning – 9th September 2012
Government universal credit pilot to ensure ‘digital inclusion’ – 6th September 2012
Iain Duncan Smith battles to save his universal credit scheme – 6th September 2012
Save the Children urges action for poorest UK children – 5th September 2012
Iain Duncan Smith rejected offer of Justice secretary to thwart George Osborne over welfare reforms – 4th September 2012
Charity says government must change course on in-work support – 3rd September 2012
Twelve councils selected as universal credit pilots – 1st September 2012


DWP confirms benefit cap ‘inconsistencies’ ahead of Universal Credit – 31st August 2012
Millions of single parents set to lose out under Lib Dems’ flagship bid to offer help – 31st August 2012
Video: Understanding Universal Credit – 28th August 2012
Landlords pay tenants to open ‘jam jar’ accounts – 24th August 2012
2 Million workers lose cash as Govt cuts hits grafters – 19th August 2012
Copeland welcomes good news for military veterans re Universal Credit regulations – 17th August 2012
Universal credit penalties ‘will increase debt’ – 16th August 2012
Women’s Aid concerns over Universal Credit and Housing Benefit changes – 15th August 2012
five unanswered questions about welfare reform – 10th August 2012
DWP: ‘no plans’ to increase bedroom tax reductions – 9th August 2012
Universal credit could ‘shut women’s refuges’ – 8th August 2012
Universal credit doesn’t help tenants off benefits and into work – 8th August 2012
Lord Freud: ‘We must allow people to run their lives independently’ – 7th August 2012
Fears over 38-day wait for Universal Credit – 7th August 2012
A universal route out of poverty… – 6th August 2012
Welfare reform reinforces suspicion of social housing and its tenants – 6th August 2012
CIoT highlights universal credit problems – 3rd August 2012
CIH renews calls for changes to universal credit – 2nd August 2012
Universal Credit: Confusion over who informs DWP of rent changes – 2nd August 2012
Benefit cap forcing London families into poverty – 1st August 2012


Immigrants with multiple wives will get more benefits, officials admit – 30th July 2012
Lord Freud to address NLA – 27th July 2012
Fears over benefit entitlement for supported housing under Universal Credit – 26th July 2012
Plan to cut bedroom tax death exemption period under Universal Credit – 25th July 2012
Rethink self-employed Universal Credit rules, Ministers told   – 24th July 2012
Growing universal credit role for councils – 23rd July 2012
DWP reveals local authority long-list for universal credit pilot – 21st July 2012
Disabled will be worse off, report says – 20th July 2012
Key government projects ‘on time, on schedule, and within budget – 19th July 2012
Online push for Universal Credit claims – 18th July 2012
Vulnerable tenants get online support – 17th July 2012
RTI: right and wrong at the same time – 16th July 2012
Benefits cap already pushing thousands of jobless back into work, says Duncan Smith – 16th July 2012
Universal Credit benefit reforms ‘threatened by IT system’ – 13th July 2012
Landlord offers ‘budgeting accounts’ ahead of Universal Credit – 13th July 2012
DWP’s £4.5bn in benefit errors and fraud – 12th July 2012
Benefit reforms will penalise thousands of disabled people, analysis shows – 11th July 2012
Who will put up their hands to deliver local welfare under Universal Credit? – 10th July 2012
Thousands more employers to join HMRC’s real time information pilot – 9th July 2012
Deal struck to allow tenants without bank accounts to receive Universal Credit – 6th July 2012
Charities fear child poverty surge due to unemployment and benefit changes – 6th July 2012

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