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Citizens Advice buckling under volume of calls over new benefits – 4th July 2012
Government ‘clobbering the working poor’ with benefit reform – 3rd July 2012


Fewer service charges to be covered by benefits – 29th June 2012
Benefit ‘shock’ in draft Universal Credit regs – 29th June 2012
Government cash to help credit unions ditch ‘poor man’s bank’ image – 28th June 2012
MSPs set to vote on Bill to soften the impact of coalition welfare reforms – 28th June 2012
Tax credits must be redesigned to meet today’s needs – 27th June 2012
Are social landlords prepared for universal credit? – 26th June 2012
Doubts grow over David Cameron’s welfare blitz – 26th June 2012
Cameron’s welfare speech in full: ‘Can’t afford a home of your own – tough, live with your parents’   – 25th June 2012
Housing benefit for under-25s could be scrapped, PM to announce – 25th June 2012
Universal Credit support for unemployed kinship carers – 23rd June 2012
Government to end extended payments – 22nd June 2012
Welfare Reform could cost families hundreds of millions – 20th June 2012
Seven million working adults are “just one bill away from disaster” – 19th June 2012
Workers who strike face benefit restrictions – 17th June 2012
Lord Freud’s speech to CIH conference – 15th June 2012
Iain Duncan Smith announces plans to change the way child poverty is measured – 14th June 2012
Lord Freud confirms ‘transitional payment system’ to support Universal Credit claimants – 14th June 2012
Hard to credit: IT hitches scupper David Cameron’s flagship Universal Credit benefit   plans – 14th June 2012
Housing 2012: the sector must meet the challenge of welfare reform – 13th June 2012
Universal credit in Scotland: why we’re taking part in a direct payment pilot – 12th June 2012
Welfare Reforms: Under 25s to get in-work benefits under Universal Credit – 12th June 2012
Coalition budget risks worst child poverty record, report says – 12th June 2012
Lord Freud exclusive: ‘Poorest should be prepared to take greatest risks’ – 11th June 2012
Landlords’ ‘virtual merger’ to support tenants hit by welfare reform – 8th June 2012
Editor’s blog: u-turn if they want to – 8th June 2012
Why strands of universal credit don’t knit together – 5th June 2012
Top tips: preparing for universal credit – 4th June 2012
Reforms to Council Tax benefit ‘could undermine Universal Credit’ – 1st June 2012


Warning over impending Universal Credit chaos – Timms – 31st May 2012
Live discussion: preparing for the introduction of universal credit – 28th May 2012
Universal Credit pilots to see jobseekers apply online for single benefit – 25th May 2012
Government announces early roll-out of Universal Credit – 24th May 2012
Jobseekers who reject help for alcohol and drug addiction face benefits cut – 23rd May 2012
Social recovery – no time to waste– 21st May 2012
Anger as lone parents face benefit cuts – 20th May 2012
Fraud accounts  for less than 1% of £151bn benefits bill, figures show – 18th May 2012
DWP chooses partners for Universal Credit pathfinder – 17th May 2012
MSPs support Scottish welfare changes – 16th May 2012
David Cameron considers extra £25bn of welfare cuts – 16th May 2012
Sackings mount over DWP data leaks – 16th May 2012
Cabinet Office publishes identity assurance ‘good practice’ guidance – 15th May 2012
Commons clash over Universal Credit switch over –  14th May 2012
Housing body in Universal Credit tests – 11th May 2012
We need ‘cultural change’ to get true welfare reform, says Iain Duncan Smith – 10th May 2012
Housing association leads way on direct benefit payments in Scotland – 9th May 2012
Households warned of £500-a-week benefits cap – 8th May 2012
More than 11,000 households claim benefits worth more than higher rate taxpayers’ earnings – 7th May 2012
The Tax Credit Crunch – 3rd May 2012
Councils get role in shaping Universal Credit  – 2nd May 2012


In praise of … Iain Duncan Smith – 30th April 2012
Lord Freud calls on councils to pilot Universal Credit support – 27th April 2012
War of words erupts over welfare plan – 27th April 2012
Benefits plans risk child poverty spike – 26th April 2012
Housing benefit: ticket to nowhere – 25th April 2012
Concerns over Universal Credit workload – 24th April   2012
‘Low income families to lose out from online benefits’ – 23rd April  2012
Councils ‘could face Universal Credit failure costs’ – 21st April 2012
The 40p a MINUTE benefits helpline – 20th April 2012
Housing chief predicts ‘acceleration’ of Universal Credit claims – 19th April 2012
350,000 children ‘will lose free school meals in welfare reform’ – charity – 19th April 2012
Families in crisis as tax credits disappear – 18th April 2012
Warning over housing benefit plan for under-25s – 13th April 2012
Fact or Fiction? Lord David Freud – 13th April 2012
The Tax Revolution Starts – PAYE Real Time Information (RTI) Pilot Begins – 12th April 2012
Tax reform project running into trouble, say experts – 9th April 2012
Thousands of Welsh families ‘poorer from Good Friday’ under tax credit  changes – 6th April 2012
Tax credit changes are wrong policy at worst time – 5th April 2012
Lord Freud to present Government’s case for welfare reform – 4th April 2012
Time for truth on Universal Credit IT – 3rd April 2012


When affordable rents are no longer affordable – 29th March 2012
Welfare Reform Act 2012 – 27th March 2012
DWP criticised for offshore IT work on Universal Credit – 27th March 2012
Support To Help Lone Parents Into Work – 26th March 2012
Government IT contractors hire staff in India to work on benefits system – 24th March 2012
Universal Credit – 23rd March 2012
Universal Credit: Banks unlikely to deliver new financial products ahead of direct payments trial – DWP – 22nd March 2012
Universal Credit: Landlord fears 3% rise in rent arrears will lead to ‘bust’ business plan – 21st March 2012
Cameron’s housing benefit gaffe exposed by councils – 20th March 2012
Universal Credit The Elephant in the Room – 19th March 2012
Landlord’s arrears fears over monthly payment of Universal Credit – 16th March 2012
Celebrity mums Kym Marsh and Karren Brady join the fight to stop working single mums losing up to £68 a week in benefits – 14th March 2012
Universal credit will make 150,000 single parents worse off, study finds – 13th March 2012
Welsh Government calls Duncan Smith’s plans for regional benefits caps ‘dangerous’ and ‘alarming’ – 12th March 2012

Iain Duncan Smith: Welfare Reforms Realized – 9th March 2012

Welfare Bill turns law ‘marking biggest reform for 60 years’ – 8th March 2012
Online universal credit could have ‘catastrophic consequences’ – 7th March 2012
Left by the tide?   Digital by default could mean ‘serious problems’ 7th March 2012
RTI: Inside the massive IT project at the heart of universal credit – 6th March 2012
Whitehall icebergs could sink what’s left of the Government’s titanic reform agenda     – 5th March 2012
Working tax credit changes should be postponed, child poverty activists say – 4th March 2012
DWP reveals £25m plans for identity assurance services – 2nd March 2012
Welfare Reform Bill passes final House of Lords hurdle – 1st March 2012


Benefit claims being ‘cleansed’ prior to Universal Credit – DWP – 29th February 2012
Tax credit reforms take toll on family childcare costs – 27th February 2012
Universal Credit – Weapon Against Benefit Fraudsters – 24th February 2012
Councils to pilot universal credit – 23rd February 2012
Childcare allowance ‘fails to address regional differences’ – 22nd February 2012
Welfare Bill: Commons to vote on spare room penalty – 21st February 2012
Tax credits: a flawed friend – 16th February 2012
Battle over welfare cap set to resume in House of Lords – 14th February 2012

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