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Food banks report record demand amid universal credit chaos – 25th April 2017
No Stormont deal could see welfare reform with hard edge – 20th April 2017
Women ‘hardest hit’ by UK welfare cuts, says minister – 19th April 2017
Everything you need to know about the new Universal Credit system – what it is, who’s affected, what you get paid and how to claim – 12th April 2017
Universal Credit benefits just changed TODAY – here’s how it will affect you – 11th April 2017
Changes to Universal Credit needed says Joseph Rowntree Fund – 7th April 2017
How much money do people claiming Universal Credit benefits actually get? – 6th April 2017
Up to 11,000 affected by under-21 benefit cap by 2021 – 5th April 2017
Benefit changes ‘could push 200,000 children into poverty‘ – 3rd April 2017
Money manager tool for Universal Credit claimants – 31st March 2017
Homeless households to be made exempt from Universal Credit – 30th March 2017
Government rejects calls to halt Universal Credit roll out – 29th March 2017
Ministers to reverse universal credit policy for homeless families – 27th March 2017
Universal Credit: Claimants ‘stealing food’ to eat due to benefit delays – 24th March 2017
Pressure mounts on UK government to halt universal credit – 23rd March 2017
The truth about the roll out of Universal Credit – 21st March 2017
DWP in denial about Universal Credit hardship, says Work and Pensions Committee – 17th March 2017
Warning as rent arrears soar after Universal Credit pilot is rolled out in Scotland – 13th March 2017
Universal credit claimants ‘turning to loan sharks because of payment delays’ – 10th March 2017
What welfare changes did Philip Hammond make in his Budget 2017? – 9th March 2017
Dear Chancellor Philip Hammond: It’s time to fix Universal Credit – 9th March 2017
The case for Universal Credit is disintegrating – 8th March 2017
Tory benefit changes will cost working single parents up to £2,850 a year by 2020, new research reveals – 6th March 2017
Universal credit cuts hit families with children hardest, study finds – 2nd March 2017
Universal Credit: What can we learn from the roll-out so far? – 1st March 2017
Concerns raised over ‘daunting’ changes to universal credit – 28th February 2017
MPs launch investigation into ‘punishing’ Universal Credit rollout – 23rd February 2017
Benefit claimants face poverty at hands of erratic sanctions system – 21st February 2017
On Universal Credit? This tool could help you manage your money better – 20th February 2017
Universal Credit: from benefits panacea to government blunder – 17th February 2017
DWP creates new DG role for Universal Credit – 17th February 2017
Universal credit recipients to get money advice – 16th February 2017
New budgeting support for Universal Credit claimants – 14th February 2017
Who is banging their head against a wall with Universal Credit? – 14th February 2017
Universal credit issues driving tenants into debt, ex-minister admits – 9th February 2017
Universal credit may ‘take decades to perfect’ – 9th February 2017
MPs sound warning over delays in Universal Credit payments – 8th February 2017
‘Punishment for the self-employed’: Farmers slam Universal Credit introduction in NI – 8th February 2017
Universal Credit in Newcastle – five key questions claimants need answering – 8th February 2017
Universal credit flaws pushing claimants towards debt and eviction – 8th February 2017
Universal Credit needs to be slowed down and changed – 7th February 2017
‘Terrifying’ scenario as universal credit blamed for huge Highland shortfall – 3rd February 2017
Widowed parents to lose out in benefits change – 1st February 2017




Changes to Universal Credit ‘could help 700,000 homes’ – 30th January 2017
Universal Credit progress examined – 25th January 2017
Evans and SNP clash over Universal Credit – 23rd January 2017
DWP slammed for “shambolic” Universal Credit roll-out – 19th January 2017
Universal Credit flexibility plans welcomed – 17th January 2017
Universal Credit tenants in arrears increases to 86% – 16th January 2017
Universal Credit leaving people destitute – 12th January 2017
Universal Credit system is increasingly Kafka-esque – 11th January 2017
Universal Credit: 800,000 self-employed Brits could miss out on benefits – 10th January 2017
Homelessness fears as benefit cap hits Liverpool families today – 9th January 2017
Welfare changes ‘damaging’ to low income families, minister warns – 6th January 2017
Need for rethink on Bedroom Tax II – 3rd January 2017
Government lost control of welfare reforms, says outgoing minister responsible – 22nd December 2016
Universal Credit arrears soar in Scottish council – 20th December 2016
Universal Credit affecting vulnerable people & putting strain on council staff – 19th December 2016
Thousands of benefit staff face the axe as Tories ramp up plans to cut cash with Universal Credit – 16th December 2016
Universal Credit having ‘considerable impact’ on arrears levels – 15th December 2016
Thousands of families teetering on brink of homelessness this Christmas after benefit changes – 13th December 2016
The housing poverty trap means work doesn’t pay – 9th December 2016
Universal Credit will start in NI in September – 7th December 2016
Minister who helped create the Universal Credit leaves government – 2nd December 2016
DWP urged to do more to monitor impact of benefit sanctions – 1st December 2016
No evidence welfare sanctions work, says National Audit Office – 30th November 2016
Universal credit: the debate has changed under May’s leadership but issues remain – 24th November 2016
This is how the Autumn Statement will affect your Universal Credit – 24th November 2016
Local Housing Allowance cap to apply to those on Universal Credit – 23rd November 2016
Universal Credit pilot council calls for suspension – 22nd November 2016
Millions affected by universal credit cuts to be partly compensated by chancellor – 22nd November 2016
Philip Hammond refuses to rule out return of the £1300-a-year Universal Credit payments to help poorer households – 21st November 2016
Tory MPs call for welfare cuts rethink after pause motion passed – 18th November 2016
Charities urges halt to disability benefit cuts ahead of debate – 17th November 2016
Long benefit payment delays affect 92,000 claimants in one year, forcing many to use food banks – 15th November 2016
What do you want to know about welfare changes in Scotland? – 10th November 2016
Here’s how many children are living in poverty in your community – 9th November 2016
Iain Duncan Smith: Cutting Universal Credit work allowances would harm those in greatest need of help – 8th November 2016
This new benefit cap comes into effect from today – 7th November 2016
Spending watchdog urges clearer plans for cutting benefit system fraud and error – 4th November 2016
PMQs: Corbyn and May on welfare and Universal Credit – 3rd November 2016
Heidi Allen: It’s time to take the shackles off Universal Credit – 2nd November 2016


Government to overhaul ‘fundamentally flawed’ work capability assessments for disabled people – 31st October 2016
Strict DWP Sanctions On Benefits Claimants Are Harmful And Counter-Productive, ‘Nudge Unit’ Warns – 21st October 2016
Stop trying to fix poor people – fix poverty – 19th October 2016
Self-employed earn less than in 2001 – and will be hit by welfare cuts – 18th October 2016
Universal Credit – and help with budgeting – 14th October 2016
How benefit cuts will hit the 50,000 homes project – 14th October 2016
Official: Universal Credit is “less generous” than tax credits – 13th October 2016
Why Has Universal Credit Been Such A Disaster For The Government? – 12th October 2016
General needs tenants could ‘face income shortfalls’ – 10th October 2016
Women’s groups fight Universal Credit payee switch as an attack on equality – 7th October 2016
Success of government digital service ‘being undermined’, warns Maude – 5th October 2016

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