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DWP spending on IT contractors rockets amid Universal Credit delays – 21st June 2016
Ministers pledge ‘safe’ transfer of new welfare powers to Scotland – 17th June 2016
Free to attend Welfare Reform and Universal Credit Seminars Announced – 16th June 2016
Three-quarters of benefit claimants worried about future welfare changes – 15th June 2016
Debt and food banks: the legacy of universal credit’s Long Hello – 10th June 2016
Universal Credit leads to rent arrears – 8th June 2016
Advice charity warns new universal credit benefit is harming Scots – 7th June 2016




Universal Credit claimants OVERPAID by £300 costs the taxpayer £35million – 31st May 2016
Warning over ‘serious design flaws’ as Universal Credit rolled out – 26th May 2016
Universal Credit opens to all benefit claimants for first time – 26th May 2016
Benefit sanctions lead claimants to suicide, crime and destitution, warns damning report – 25th May 2016
DWP unveils first ever Universal Credit fraud and error stats – 24th May 2016
DWP disabled benefits hotline crashes all day affecting ‘thousands’ of calls – 18th May 2016
George Osborne’s General Election welfare cuts ‘will cost Scots £1.1bn a year by 2020’ – 17th May 2016
Universal Credit ‘The Most Significant Welfare Reform Since 1948’, Say MPs – 16th May 2016
Released documents show scale of Universal Credit problems before ‘reset’ – 13th May 2016
Break up the Treasury, says Iain Duncan Smith – 13th May 2016
Jobcentre staff need more training for Universal Credit, warn MPs – 12th May 2016
Plans to force workers on universal credit to take second job ‘risky’ – 12th May 2016
Universal Credit cuts to hit Liverpool families from today – 11th May 2016
Universal Credit will increase child poverty, MPs warn – 11th May 2016
Disability benefit cuts ‘changing things for the better’ DWP’s Stephen Crabb says – 10th May 2016
UK’s Universal Credit IT may go downhill soon, warns think tank report – 4th May 2016
Universal credit reduced to cost-cutting exercise by Treasury, say experts – 3rd May 2016




Many landlords ‘will stop renting to tenants on Universal Credit’ – 29th April 2016
Government warns 60,000 working people they could be worse off after Universal Credit changes – 28th April 2016
How can the next Scottish Government use new welfare powers? – 27th April 2016
The social landlords stepping in to help computer-illiterate residents – 26th April 2016
Is universal credit leaving you worse or better off? – 22nd April 2016
Landlords claim Universal Credit is ‘shambolic’ – 20th April 2016
Switch to Universal Credit will trap women in abusive relationships, warn charities – 19th April 2016
Universal Credit to become available across Yorkshire from today – 18th April 2016
Foodbanks in Scotland experience record demand due to benefits delays – 15th April 2016
Released documents show scale of Universal Credit problems before ‘reset’ – 14th April 2016
New DWP secretary Stephen Crabb says he won’t cancel Universal Credit – 14th April 2016
Testing times ahead for Universal Credit – 13th April 2016
Stephen Crabb ‘committed’ to Universal Credit – 13th April 2016
George Osborne ‘Creating a Northern Poorhouse’ With Universal Credit Cuts – 12th April 2016
Victory for campaigners as the DWP finally publishes long-awaited Universal Credit documents – 12th April 2016
Universal credit cuts to lose low-income families up to £200 a month – 11th April 2016



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