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Election outlook uncertain for social housing tenants – 20th April 2015
Benefit sanctions ‘linked to food bank use’ - 10th April 2015
Lenders must take note of Universal Credit - 9th April 2015
LGA highlights council digital in Universal Credit – 9th April 2015
George Osborne refuses to rule out child benefit cuts – 8th April 2015
Election 2015: Labour’s ‘one month to scrap bedroom tax’ – 8th April 2015
Alex Neil unveils bold plans to provide Scots with better welfare deal – 1st April 2015


So where will Duncan Smith find those £12bn of welfare savings? - 30th March 2015
Cities raise concerns at speed of universal credit rollout – 27th March 2015
Labour pledges to end dependency on food banks with welfare reforms – 26th March 2015
Independent review of benefit sanctions urgently needed, say MPs – 24th March 2015
Universal Credit waiting days: statement from Paul Gray – 20th March 2015
Councillor accuses government of rushing out credit system – 18th March 2015
‘Evidence’ of link between welfare reform and foodbank use sent to DWP – 17th March 2015
Universal Credit Won’t Help Single Parents Increase Their Working Hours – 12th March 2015
Half of single parents borrow to pay childcare costs, says charity – 11th March 2015
Universal credit flaws make shorter hours better for some, says review – 10th March 2015
Union: Universal credit in disarray – 9th March 2015
Help for Scottish parents getting to grips with Universal Credit – 6th March 2015
New universal credit rules will hit 200,000 people – 5th March 2015
Universal Credit rolled out to tackle East End’s benefit-capped unemployed – 4th March 2015
Families and disabled “hardest hit” by UK Government welfare reform - 3rd March 2015
Churches call government welfare sanctions ‘inhumane and un-Christian’ – 2nd March 2015



DWP awards SCC Universal Credit hosting contract - 27th February 2015
‘Very little progress’ on universal credit, say MPs – 25th February 2015
Universal Credit: top 10 milestones over the last year – 24th February 2015
Union Condemns Universal Credit ‘Privatisation’ – 23rd February 2015
No credit where it’s due – 23rd February 2015
Universal Credit: Who will be the winners and losers? – 17th February 2015
Universal Credit: What you need to know about the benefits scheme – 16th February 2015
Predicted £2.2bn savings from universal credit cut by three-quarters – 16th February 2015
Universal Credit To Go Nationwide From Next Week – 13th February 2015
Welfare amendment deadline looms – 12th February 2015
Concern over ‘breakneck speed’ of welfare devolution plans – 12th February 2015
Social landlords facing financial meltdown as universal credit looms – 11th February 2015
Opinion: DWP announce 25% cut in DHP funding 2015-16 – 9th February 2015
250 homes to take part in universal credit impact pilot - 6th February 2015
Gov dodged scrutiny of Universal Credit - 4th February 2015
Cuts and computers undermined Universal Credit - 3rd February 2015
Benefit sanctions wrongly hitting landlords, says RLA – 30th January 2015
DWP ponders Universal Credit digital test expansion – 28th January 2015
Universal Credit costs will not be revealed until after general election – 28th January 2015
Universal credit ‘1,500 years away’ – 27th January 2015
London Universal Credit pioneers named – 22nd January 2015
Figures suggest that some welfare reforms are hitting the most vulnerable hardest - 21st January 2015
Halt disability benefit roll-out, says charity – 20th January 2015
Families ‘on inadequate incomes’ – 19th January 2015
Growing calls for UK to suspend universal credit rollout - 16th January 2015
NHF report shows ‘mixed picture’ for bedroom tax – 9th January 2015
Welfare reforms ‘hit Wales hardest’ – Auditor General for Wales – 8th January 2015
Debate: Will universal credit be successfully rolled out in 2015? – 7th January 2015
Food banks a lifeline for 73k Scots, says charity – 2nd January 2015



Latest cut in universal credit will hold back the recovery for millions of low income working families – 29th December 2014
Birmingham’s bedroom tax fund nearly dry – 24th December 2014
Universal Credit: Somerset among the first in roll out – 22nd December 2014
Damning universal credit report reveals direct payments threat to housing association finances – 19th December 2014
Less Than 23,000 Claiming Universal Credit – 18th December 2014
Labour calls for immediate scrapping of bedroom tax in Commons vote. – 17th December 2014
Project to help tenants get ready for Universal Credit – 16th December 2014
Iain Duncan Smith on Universal Credit introduction – 16th December 2014
Controversial Universal Credit scheme to be rolled out in parts of the North East – 15th December 2014
DWP overturns bedroom tax room size judgement - 12th December 2014
Opinion: DWP publishes latest universal credit expansion list - 11th December 2014
£660m universal credit IT system faces axe – 11th December 2014
Universal credit: Treasury still to sign off business case – 11th December 2014
The ever-changing bosses of Universal Credit - 10th December 2014
Tory attitudes to poverty under fire amid benefit sanctions and Baroness Jenkin comment that poor ‘don’t know how to cook’ - 9th December 2014
Social landlords ‘downgrading welfare reform as a risk’ – 5th December 2014
Benefit claimants ‘could be worse off’ under new Holyrood powers – 5th December 2014
George Osborne accused of putting universal credit in ‘very real danger’ – 4th December 2014
Disabled people and Universal Credit – 3rd December 2014
Welfare study: poverty and stress ‘reduces chances of getting a job’ – 2nd December 2014


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