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Welfare changes will make people more responsible, says IDS – 7th October 2015
UK must devolve full control over universal credit – 7th October 2015
New benefit system will create more hardship charities warn – 6th October 2015
Universal Credit in 13 more jobcentres in Scotland, the Midlands and London – 5th October 2015
Desperate family loses free school meals and survives on credit cards due to Universal Credit switch – 1st October 2015
120,000 Northern Ireland homes set to lose £900 a year in tax credit cuts – 30th September 2015
Universal Credit digital tests to be expanded to third trial area – 29th September 2015
Next phase of Universal Credit rollout begins – 22nd September 2015
MPs approve £4.4bn of tax credit cuts as Jeremy Corbyn says Tories are ‘poverty deniers’ and we will fight them – 16th September 2015
MPs examine fraud and error in benefits and tax credits – 15th September 2015
New Holyrood powers ‘likely to face legal challenge’ – 11th September 2015
What is Universal Credit costing? – 10th Sptember 2015
Early plans for Universal Credit show DWP expected to complete project in two years – 10th September 2015
HMRC received 11,500 tweets in 12 months by callers complaining about long waits – 9th September 2015
Labour defaults to Universal Credit attack at welfare questions – 8th September 2015
Universal Credit waiting days go live – 4th September 2015
Cuts threaten flagship homelessness programme – 3rd September 2015
Scotland to spend £100m in the next year to ‘mitigate harm’ caused by Conservative welfare cuts – 2nd September 2015

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