Welfare Reform Bill 2nd reading in the House of Lords

The welfare reform bill that incorporates the new Universal Credit will get it’s second reading in the House of Lords today (13th September 2011). Once complete it then moves to the committee and report stages before the third reading and amendments to the bill. Many housing charities are hoping that changes are made to bill to soften the blow in respect of housing reforms. (Please go to our latest news and news articles tabs to read all the news stories on this and all other universal credit topics)


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  1. Carolyn Cumber says:

    They need to make provisions to be in owner occupied property to be able to work. Especially lone parents and disabled. There needs to be more protection for lone parent in owner occupied property with children between 5 – 13. This is so discriminating towards vulnerable people who have managed to own their own home (which was rather easy to do when self cert mortgages were available). in comparison to people renting. Lets face is interest only mortgages are only renting from the bank. Maybe there could be a tax on the equity when the property is sold. How about some scheme for LA to buy these homes and rent them back to the people. Just please more incentive for vulnerable home owners to either work or not be faced with losing a home if they genuinely can’t.


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