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  1. iain says:

    I’am on e.s.a. at present and i dont know which benefit to claim, universal credit or JSA ,I was on JSA before I got ill,my town as just started with universal credit ,Iam single with housing costs.can you help

  2. sharon howlett says:

    I have recently started to claim universal credit but I was then signed off by the doctor as unfit to work I was told to take my sick notes to the job centre which I did only to be told a fortnight later they hadn’t been received by the universal credit office so after several phone calls to them I was told to send them direct which I did they received the fist one I sent but not the next so after more phone. Calls I was told take them to the job centre it’s went to my doctor got a duplicate for the one they hadn’t received also one for the following week I then took them to Didcot job centre and handed them in that was two weeks ago. Today I get a text message to say they haven’t received them and they need them if they are going to pay me any money I think the whole system is one big joke your doctor should


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