Universally Speaking…

As the Red Hot Chilli Peppers sang in their 2003 hit song of the same name “I win in the long run” but with the new Universal Credit do you win in the long run?

As a nation we may well win, after all if fewer benefits are paid out surely the country will undoubtedly be in a better financial position.

As an individual however, are there going to be a lot of losers? Not according to Iain Duncan Smith;

“First, to those who are vulnerable and unable to work, this White Paper proves we remain absolutely committed to supporting you.

We will continue to provide extra support for those with disabilities, caring responsibilities and children.

Second, for those out of work who are capable of working, our reforms mean it will always pay for you to take a job.”

As always it’s a wait and see scenario. Over the next three years a lot will be written and a lot of questions will be asked and hopefully answered. In the interim we can explore what it all means and maybe and it’s a big maybe; we will all win in the long run?

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