Universal Credit payment frequency still to be determined

Universal Credit looks likely to be paid monthly to recipients which could cause budgetory problems for many claimants. No final decision has been made but the recent White Paper on universal credit seems to suggest a monthly payment;
“Universal Credit focuses on encouraging personal responsibility. In line with this approach and the need for consistency with the real-time earnings approach that we are proposing, we are considering whether the period of the assessment and the frequency of payments should be monthly. About 75 per cent of all earnings are paid monthly, including most of those in the lower-earnings brackets. Rent and other major household bills are also usually paid monthly, rather than weekly.
We understand that many people on low incomes will be used to managing fortnightly payments of benefits and will ensure that, whatever the period of payment, there will be appropriate budgeting support to ensure recipients are supported effectively. We want families to be able to manage their financial affairs in a manner that best reflects the demands of modern life, whether in or out of work.”
How will the payment frequency affect you?


  1. Sunny Dhandda says:

    While I believe that the use of Universal Credit is a good idea overall, I believe the system is flawed when it comes to the payment of Housing Benefit. Working for a housing association we currently charge rent on a weekly basis, however, the main issue continues to be that while we currently have housing benefit directly paid to us, which reduces rent arrears, putting the tenant in charge of paying their rent could prove disastrous and rent arrears increase. This would also mean that it would push housing associatiions close to the brink of destruction as we heavily rely on the payment of benefits on time.

    I wonder what steps will be taken to control tenants paying rent and not spending this money on other things???

  2. Daniel Norris says:

    ive been out of work for almost a year now and i do say am not happy being on benefits i am out nearly every day trying to get a job but i must say i am scared for my partner,me and my 10month kid being kicked out of our council housing due to housing benefits being canceled or what not i agree with the credit but it all comes down to the ppl who are looking for a job and is trying to get back in to work and not committing Fraud we are already just about getting by living on basic and cheap stuff+food ect… and its not nice either.


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