Universal Credit: Older workers

The Resolution Foundation has published it’s briefing “Getting On: Universal Credit and older workers”. The briefing has been written by Giselle Cory who is a senior research and policy analyst at the Resolution Foundation. The briefing looks at some of the benefits and drawbacks of the new system for older people and explores what more might be done to modify UC to benefit older people.

The three chapters in the briefing outline the following areas; Chapter 1:  The benefits of UC for older people, Chapter 2: Improving the current UC offer and Chapter 3: Boosting employment rates among low income older people. The report certainly looks at all aspects for older workers who are potential UC claimants and covers the many different aspects of Universal Credit for the older worker.

The briefing concludes that “There is an urgent need to increase levels of employment among older people. As a major welfare reform, the introduction of UC presents a big opportunity to encourage work among this group” but also stresses “In moving to an age-blind design UC also risks missing an opportunity to boost employment rates among older people by increasing the incentives for this group to remain in work for longer or to re-enter the labour market if they are inactive. We have looked at one way in which UC could be modified by introducing age-related measures to make work more attractive for older people. Such investments would need to be weighed up against other priorities but may warrant further consideration given the economic and social importance of employment rates among low income older people” 

One size does not fit all: why Universal Credit needs to work for older people – New Statesman article by Giselle Cory

How does Universal Credit affect you? Are you an older worker that will be claiming Universal Credit? What are your views? They really do matter.



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