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“I know why Universal Credit IT is failing” John Seddon message for Margaret Hodge

Press Release from John Seddon’s Office Service design expert Professor John Seddon has a message for Margaret Hodge today as she chairs another session of the Public Accounts Committee on the implementation of Universal Credit this afternoon. “The National Audit […]

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The True Cost of Universal Credit

Guest Article by "Vicky" - reader and sceptic What is the true cost of Universal Credit? According to recent press reports the cost of Universal Credit has risen from

Universal Credit and the benefits cap

The governments controversial benefits cap has come into force, albeit on a trial basis in four London boroughs before the national rollout scheduled to begin in July through to September. The

Universal Credit – Direct Payments

Guest article by Gary Silver of Ashley Property Services   Whilst the idea of grouping all benefits under one umbrella, organised by one organisation, the DWP seems a very good way forward,

Universal Credit: The One Percent Debate

MPs will debate and vote this week on the controversial welfare benefits uprating bill. The bill proposes that benefit rises over the next 3

Universal Credit: Challenges, Changes and Digital Communication

Guest article by Dr Gerald Power of Trapeze Transformation For access to the full paper please go to

Labour plans Commons debate on Universal Credit

Labour are planning a commons debate on whether the new Universal Credit benefits reforms timetable should be delayed amid claims that costs are escalating and IT development is

Universal Credit; To strike or not to strike

Low paid workers will face losing top up benefits next year under the new universal credit benefits system  if they decide to take strike action that causes a

Universal Credit: a brilliant idea guaranteed to fail

 Guest article by Professor John Seddon While we should take our hats off to Iain Duncan Smith for his thorough analysis of social welfare problems, he is

Universal Credit – Timetable revealed

Iain Duncan Smith has unveiled the timetable for the new Universal Credit that will  come into effect from October 2013. Twelve million claimants could be claiming the Universal Credit

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