Labour plans Commons debate on Universal Credit

Labour are planning a commons debate on whether the new Universal Credit benefits reforms timetable should be delayed amid claims that costs are escalating and IT development is behind schedule.

Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne, launched a scathing attack on the coalition and Iain Duncan Smith in particular by stating “Britain was promised a welfare revolution and what we’ve got is welfare chaos.
“Universal Credit is over-due and over budget and now everyone from the Chancellor to charities, the CBI to local councils is warning this is a car-crash about to happen.
“We’ve been warning of this for months and we’re summoning Iain Duncan Smith to the Commons for a full scale debate. We’ll be demanding he publishes the secret business case he’s trying to hide so we can start getting a grip on how to get this vital project back on the rails.
“We will not tolerate this government playing fast and loose with peoples’ tax credits and child benefits – and nor will the British public.”

What questions would you like addressing in relation to Universal Credit and what questions should Iain Duncan Smith be answering?

We look forward to your valuable input.


Liam Byrne’s latest questions on Universal Credit

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