Is it plain sailing for Universal Credit in 3rd reading of Welfare Reform Bill?

The welfare reform bill had it’s third reading on Wednesday 15th June 2011 and will now be considered by the House of Lords. 288 votes to 238 votes saw a Government majority of 50.

The £26,000 benefit  cap is still in place with Iain Duncan Smith offering MP’s the chance to discuss the cap in ralation to housing costs in London, he stated “I have always said that the door is open to everybody to discuss the effects and how some of them can be ameliorated—or not, depending on what the issues are. The answer is therefore yes—as a London MP, I should join that delegation too—although I still believe that we have the right policy, because it is about balancing fairness for those hard-working people who pay their taxes who often feel that those beyond work are not working themselves.” – 24 Dash have reported this and the article can be found in our  news articles tab.

Macmillan have responded to the latest reading of the bill and their full response can be read here. Many charities and disability groups would like more debate on the welfare reform bill .   What are your views?



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