Guest Book Review : Universal Credit: what you need to know (CPAG)

Guest book  review by Mr Richard Smith (Accountant)

 of the CPAG publication “Universal Credit: what you need to know”


When a colleague asked me to review a book for him I immediately thought is it a crime thriller?  Is it a sneak peak at the latest John Grisham?

Alas, no, it was a technical publication…..   I say technical publication, that infers that the book is  not a straightforward read. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The layout and structure of the publication make it very user friendly for  both professionals and the general public alike.

The book outlines    who will be able to claim, how to make a claim, how much you are likely to get and what  you need to do. As a guide to the new Universal Credit this book certainly goes a long way to explain things to a lay person such as myself.

An important thing to note is that not absolutely everything is known or written in stone about Universal Credit and the authors do state that their aim in publishing this first edition is to provide answers that are available so far, and help you prepare for the major upheaval that universal credit will bring.

Overall I must say that I thought as a guide about such a major reform of the welfare system this book certainly works on every level and I would certainly recommend picking up a copy for all potential users of Universal Credit. As a crime thriller, I think I’ll stick to Mr Grisham.


Thanks to Richard for his review of Universal Credit: what you need to know, which is available from CPAG priced at £10

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