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Universal Credit tough on fraud (Revised)

“Universal Credit will reduce fraud and error in the benefits system, Ministers said today (24/02/2012), as new figures confirm the current system is too complex and still open to abuse and error.” Reports The  Information Daily. Please go to our […]

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Welfare Reform Bill 2nd reading in the House of Lords

The welfare reform bill that incorporates the new Universal Credit will get it's second reading in the House of Lords today (13th September 2011). Once complete it then

Universal Credit (earning disregards)

In this series we aim to highlight specific parts of the universal credit that will hopefully prove useful to people applying for the Universal Credit in 2013.
We have

Universal Credit and the self employed

Self employed people may be hit by the new Universal Credit. Under new rules the Government may impose a miminum level of assumed earnings based on hours worked

Universal Credit payment frequency still to be determined

Universal Credit looks likely to be paid monthly to recipients which could cause budgetory problems for many claimants. No final decision has been made but the recent White

Select Committee publishes Universal Credit evidence

The commons select committee has just  published it's written and oral evidence on the Universal Credit White Paper, the evidence has been published to coincide with the second

Universally Speaking…

As the Red Hot Chilli Peppers sang in their 2003 hit song of the same name “I win in the long run” but with the new Universal Credit

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